Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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In Video: Former Diva Featured on WWE.com List of “One-Hit Wonders”

WWE.com has compiled a list of 12 “one-hit wonders” from wrestling history: wrestlers who appeared suddenly and disappeared from television just as quickly.

Krissy Vaine‘s September 2007 attack on Torrie Wilson landed on the list at number 10.

The attack was considered a “one-hit wonder” because Krissy left the WWE soon after. She would later explain to us in detail the reasons behind her abrupt departure.

After leaving the WWE, Krissy wrestled for a few years on the independent circuit under her new alias Kristin Astara before retiring in 2011.

She married NXT star Conor O’Brian last month.

Longtime Diva Dirt readers will remember Krissy’s stint writing a column and hosting an audio show as a member of Team Diva Dirt.

Watch the full countdown below:

Do you think Krissy could have been a successful WWE Diva?

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