Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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In Video: Rosa Mendes & Tiffany Go Hardcore for ECW Finale

In shades of the original ECW, Rosa Mendes and Tiffany managed to draw a fabulous ‘E-C-Dub’ chant on the final episode of ECW last night. ECW GM Tiffany seemingly decided “what the heck, it’s the last night” and attacked one of her ’employees’, Rosa, after she and Zack Ryder interfered in the ECW Championship main event:

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As small as it may be, it’s nice to see that the Divas got to have a cool part in the final episode of ECW. That was definitely a fun spot and the crowd were totally into it! I’m guessing we may see Tiffany/Christian vs Rosa/Ryder on an episode of WWE Superstars soon. Could Tiffany move into the role of Christian’s girlfriend/manager?

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