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In Video: Tamina Explains Why She Attacked AJ at Survivor Series

In an exclusive backstage segment, Tamina Snuka reveals to fellow Diva, Alicia Fox the purpose behind her surprising assault on former GM, AJ Lee at Survivor Series.

Alongside her beliefs that AJ had no respect for authority, Snuka also felt that AJ’s love life shenanigans took up too much air time on Raw — noting that she had been out with an injury for the past few months and no one even noticed her absence.

“Why does everybody care so much about AJ? She didn’t have the qualifications of a GM”. Tamina continues, “Not to mention that dysfunctional love life that’s taking up all the air time on Raw. I’ve been out for two and a half months with an injury, and nobody even noticed I was gone!” Alicia Fox attempts to understand Snuka’s frustrations, but Tamina doesn’t seem to want anyone by her side.

“I’m back… and no one — no one — is safe.”

You can check out the video in full below:

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