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Is Aalyah Mysterio This Generation’s Stephanie McMahon?

From Raw to Smackdown, the feud between Seth Rollins and the Mysterio’s continue to twist and turn.  However, the Mysterio family was dealt a blow Friday night when daughter Aalyah Mysterio confessed her love for Buddy Murphy.

The former disciple of Rollins is undergoing a change of heart and perhaps Aalyah is the reason why.    Ever since Rollins uncovered a series of text messages between Aalyah and Murphy, it was one more thing dad Rey and brother Dominick had to deal with. 

The Mysterios certainly doesn’t need anymore drama when it comes to the Messiah. However with Aalyah and Murphy’s romance, its a rollercoaster ride that isn’t ending anytime soon.

Photo: WWE

Amidst the outrage of the age gap between the couple (Aalyah is 19 to Murphy’s 32), one comparison fans have drawn goes all the way back to the Attitude Era.  Taking into account of the backstage gossip concerning Aalyah along with the events of last night more or less confirmed that comparison. 

Photo: WWE

The growing love between the couple is extremely reminiscent of Stephanie McMahon and her relationship with the late Test followed with her romance with Triple H. It is one of the stories that have stood the test of time despite the wild ride the real-life couple has been on.

Fans know how McMahon has transcended the last twenty-plus years, from her thorough changes, up and down romances, to becoming the emasculation queen they detest (no pun intended I swear).  But McMahon got her start becoming who she is now thanks to the dramatic storyline from back in 1999.

McMahon and Test made it all the way to the altar only to find out the harsh reality.  Triple H crashed the wedding and presented a shocking video of him and McMahon getting married in Las Vegas. He took advantage of the Billion Dollar Princess thanks to her drinking too much at her bacheorette party.

From there, McMahon would align herself with Triple H as the two dominated their respective divisions and becoming the power couple they are known for now. When it comes to romances, no one stood out like McMahon has.

Photo: WWE

Now, that is not saying that Aalyah and Murphy will go down that same path.  We are into a brand new generation that is built upon social media and advanced technology. So, there are plenty of ideas and scenarios to choose from compared to 1999.

This storyline is still being played out, so what happens remains to be seen. With all that being said this love story is a clear indication that we will be seeing more of Miss Aalyah and her WWE journey.

On another note, it’s funny Rollins mentioned marrying the couple on Smackdown. Don’t be surprised if we see that down the road. Anything could happen when it comes to this storyline. If McMahon’s romances are anything to go by, we’re in for some entertainment.

At this time Aalyah’s status is unknown with the company.  While we’re seeing a new love story unfold, perhaps this will open doors for her in terms of valet work or even wrestle.  There isn’t anything that is reported of her being in the ring, but the opportunity looks to be there.  Until then, fans are left guessing what is next for the never-ending feud of Rollins and the Mysterio’s.

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