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Is Melina Being Punished?


Over the past few weeks, many of you have noticed the fact that the Women’s Champion, Melina has yet to make her SmackDown debut yet. This coupled with the fact that she was supposedly complaining about moving to the blue-brand, led to speculation that she was in the proverbial ‘doghouse’. Well according to new reports, she is.

WWE management have reportedly benched the Women’s Champ, who is sitting at home on the sidelines waiting to be brought back to television. Melina had been said to be ‘openly complaining’ and emotional over moving to SmackDown. One reason that was given was that earlier this year, she and ex-boyfriend John Morrison had gotten back together and requested to be put on the same brand. Melina was upset that she was moved to SmackDown, but Morrison was still on ECW. Little did she know, that two days later, he would join her.

The real kicker is this…

“It’s not like she’s been an angel all these years,” said one former co-worker regarding the situation. “She’s disposable. It’s not like she’s in a position to bitch.”

Say what you will about the WWE’s treatment of it’s Divas, but when the Women’s Champion is considered ‘disposable’, wow…

Melina, right now, is waiting to get the call to come back on the road. Who knows when that will be?

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