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Isla Dawn Seeks Chaos With A Rematch; Eliza Alexander Makes Her Debut

As promised last week, Meiko Satomura came to the ring to call out Isla Dawn.

Our Champion without the championship belt wasted little time demanding that Isla join her in the ring and return the title to its rightful home. Dawn answered the call, sauntering to the ring with the championship cradled in her hands as she cackled at Meiko’s fury.

Dawn promised to return the title on the condition that she got a rematch, a second opportunity to make her the official champion. Our only catch was the match would be under her ‘chaotic rules’.

Credit: WWE

She hands the title back over and Meiko, satisfied now the title was back in her hands, reminds Isla that if she wanted a match: all she ever had to do was ask. Isla responds by spitting a black mist and laughing as she surveys the damage done, leaving Meiko blinded with the black mist (and rage).

Someone who has an invested interest in the debut of Eliza Alexander is the French Hope, Amale. Ahead of the match, NXT UK cameras caught up with Amale who reminds us that she may have shown a softer side recently, she still holds all the rage she previously showed and that Eliza will soon find this out.

The match itself demonstrates Eliza’s brutality with heavy clotheslines and a vicious running knee to the side of the head to take out Angel Hayze. After the match, Eliza Alexander puts the NXT UK Universe on notice and informs them that she always gets what she wants.

In one final sighting of the women’s roster, Emilia McKenzie is interviewed about her winning streak which she attributes to learning from the best in Meiko Satomura.

An unconvinced Stevie Turner scoffs in the background and expresses her awe at Emilia’s contentment of her current position. Stevie alludes to the fact that Meiko handpicked Emilia to be her number two… because she doesn’t perceive her as a threat. Planting this seed of doubt, Stevie stalks off and leaves Emilia frustrated.

Authors Take –

It was great to see more women featured this week as last week was a little lacklustre. I really enjoy the cinematic feel they give to Isla’s promos and whether this was always the plan or if Blair’s injury derailed things we may never know but Isla Dawn is definitely running with the ball. It seems we are getting a gimmick match of some kind for their rematch and I am all for it!

Eliza was solid in the ring and certainly a welcome addition to the roster. Angel got a decent amount of offense in to prevent the match from being a total squash but Eliza still comes out looking dominant. I am not sure how long the partnership might run between Eliza and Xia but I am a huge fan of storyline debuts as opposed to debuting in a random match.

I feel like I say this a lot but the NXT UK roster is incredible and I hope that more people take the time to enjoy the show.

What tricks do you think Isla might have for her ‘chaotic rules’? What did you think of Eliza Alexander’s debut?

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