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It’s Time to Decide: Are You Team Lay or Team Cool? Let Us Help You Make Up Your Mind!

The end is near, kids. After over 18 months of decreeing childish nicknames upon their foes, speaking in unison and well, rocking fierce fashions that made us envy them, LayCool are headed to Splitsville. The writing has been on the wall for quite some time but like the child caught in a divorce, we’ve stuck our heads under our pillows to drown out the sound of mommy #1 and mommy #2 fighting… until now. We can’t pretend any longer. It’s time to decide: Are you Team Lay or Team Cool?

Don’t panic! We wouldn’t just let you make that decision without some reading material first. Here are our arguments for choosing Team Lay and Team Cool…

5 reasons we’re Team Lay…
1. Everybody loves an underdog. To say that our flawless Ms Lay El was the Kelly Rowland of the group may be an understatement. Layla often played second fiddle to Michelle’s Beyonce and was not the priority in the team. I mean come on, McCruel pretty much stole Layla’s rightful opportunity to unify the Divas and Women’s Championships back in September. It’s time for Layla to step out of Michelle’s shadow, grab the mic and say: “Oh hell to the no, I’m Beyonce! I ain’t no Kelly Rowland!”

2. She’s pretty much adorable. Have you heard Layla speak? If her precious Brit-merican accent doesn’t melt your heart, you may have one of stone. Layla is definitely our favorite ‘deaver’.

3. Her comedic chops are Emmy-worthy. No Diva on the roster right now has as much personality as Layla. Layla does slapstick comedy like nobody’s business. If we could get her nominated for an Emmy, trust me, we would.

4. She’s less injury prone. Not to stir the pot *cough* but there’s one member of LayCool that has been benched quite a bit over the past couple of years and her name ain’t Layla. While Michelle’s sat pretty at ringside on crutches or with a big old boot on her foot, Layla has been relied upon to do all the ring work. True, Michelle may have had a hand in many of her victories, but it seems to us that Layla has been in the ring repping LayCool more than Michelle. That must count for something, right? Just sayin’…

5. She’s done Britain proud. As the first ever British Diva to hold gold in the WWE, she should be held in the same importance as the Queen… or you know, Cheryl Cole. Whatever. Not picky.

5 reasons we’re Team Cool…
1. She’s a history maker, duh. The first ever Divas Champion, first ever woman to hold both the Divas and Women’s Championships and the woman who unified both belts. There’s no denying those stats for the gold-diggers among us!

2. She’s the ring general. Michelle McCool has stepped toe-to-toe and defeated the likes of Beth Phoenix, Melina, Mickie James and Natalya — and delivered great matches in the process. She is arguably the most consistent worker out of the entire Divas roster, having great chemistry and matches 9 out of 10 times. She’s brought great matches, also, out of less-experienced workers like Maria, Kelly Kelly, Tiffany and Maryse.

3. She’s the American dream. Want to be inspired? Try this for size: From school teacher to one of the most globally recognized female wrestlers in the world, Michelle chased down her dream to be in the WWE 7 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. In fact, she only keeps looking ahead with a longer career in WWE than any other ex-Diva Search contestant. It’s hard to believe Miss McCruel was once a product of the Raw Diva Search with such ‘greats’ as Amy Weber and Joy Giovanni. Look at where she is now. We salute her drive and determination.

4. She’s deliciously devious. As evil as she may be to her foes, we can’t help but love Michelle McCool’s calculating mind. If you step into the ring with Michelle, she doesn’t play around. Michelle’s got great ring psychology and comes across ruthless, smart and chillingly brilliant — sort of like a female Randy Orton. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of her knee-strike into the barricade/announcers’ table, that’s for sure…

5. She’s pretty fierce. Who’d have thunk it? Between Layla (a former ‘Most Stylish’ award winner in our Diva Dirt Year-End Awards) and Michelle, we’ve talked way more about Michelle’s fashions over the past couple of years. Michelle’s style is usually spot-on, and leaves us envious.

So you’ve heard our cases, now it’s time to vote… Are you Team Lay or Team Cool?

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