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Rosa Mendes in “Better in Black”

We’re debuting a new format for our Eye Candy posts – complete with more detailed critiques and “graded” categories. View the photoshoot we’ve “hung” on our wall, read our critique, vote, and last but not least – sound off in the comments!

The Look: For once, Rosa isn’t wearing some sort of ruffled contraption. She looks much more sleek and sexy when dressed in a subdued manner, as opposed to the bright colors she usually sports. The black dress isn’t skin tight, but it still fits her like a glove, so to speak, and the sleeves give it that extra “punch”. The ankle boots, in matching black, complete the simple-yet-sexy look. Rosa shows that you don’t need to be buried under accessories or makeup to look good – she looks as natural as can be. Take it from Rosa, fellow Divas – less is more!! Grade: A

The Poses: Rosa keeps is laid back and alluring, letting her legs and eyes do the talking. I’m afraid that her “smirk” might become her version of Maria’s “duck lips”, but we’ll see. She’s certainly come far from her earlier shoots, and her relaxation shows her progress. Melanie even mentioned to me that Rosa might give Layla a run for her money in the “most photogenic Diva” department. Now that’s a compliment if I ever heard one. Grade: A

Uniqueness: It’s nothing ground-breaking, but it’s in the details that this shoot stands out. It’s certainly unique amongst Rosa’s other photoshoots, but in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t terribly inventive. Though, Rosa’s usage of the “less is more” mantra is something her fellow Divas don’t abide by very often, so that makes this unique in its own right. Grade: B

Overall: It’s clear that Rosa is no longer in Beth’s shadow – look at her blossom! She looks to be one of the next top Divas when it comes to owning her photoshoots, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s just say that we hope to see more of her very soon. Grade: A

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