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Jacqueline vs. Chavo Guerrero -Cruiserweight Title 05/06/04


For this month’s Free Match Friday’s, in honor of Black History Month, Diva Dirt is going to feature Black women in the industry. To kick things off will be a classic match that was history-making before making history was the cool thing to do. The match is Jacqueline challenging Chavo Guerrero for the Cruiserweight Championship.

Setting up the moment was Guerrero in the ring with his father, Chavo Sr. As the current Cruiserweight Champion at the time, he issued an open challenge. He stressed that this person could be literally anyone who wanted a crack at the title. He even would state it is him against the world.

What Guerrero (as well as everyone else) didn’t expect was Jacqueline to answer his challenge. Guerrero seemingly cocky throughout the match didn’t take her as a serious opponent and that cost him. After a low blow by Jacqueline when the referee was distracted by Chavo Sr., she rolled him up and over into a pin to get the three count. The crowd erupted and we had the first-ever female Cruiserweight Champion.

Sadly, Jacqueline would only go on to hold the title for about 12-days and lost it back to Guerrero at the Judgement Day pay-per-view. She would be released the following month prior to heading to TNA. She was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2016.

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Check back in with Diva Dirt next Friday for another Free Match Friday in celebration of Black History Month.