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Jazz gives retirement speech and promises to get Jordynne Grace a new tag team partner for Rebellion


Jazz officially gave her retirement speech on tonight’s IMPACT.

After losing to Deonna Purrazzo at last weekend’s Hardcore Justice event, Jazz promised that she would end her career officially. The match was a Career vs. Title match and the veteran Jazz was unable to grab one last title before she took her final bow.

She starts off in the middle of the ring with Jordynne Grace by her side for an emotional moment. The Phenom starts by commending Purrazzo for her win and said that she isn’t just the present of professional wrestling but the future. Jazz commends Grace as well and says the following before she was interrupted by the Knockouts Tag Team Champions, Fire ‘N Flava.

“Coming to IMPACT, hoping that I was going to have one more title run, but that didn’t happen at Hardcore Justice. You know, going into this match I knew Deonna was going to give me a run for my money, but still, I felt I had one more run. I felt that fire that I had 15 years ago, but Deonna being a true champion that you are, I know now that you are the present and the future of women wrestling. You know, Jordynne, when you gave me that call and asked me to come in and tag with you, we knew we were going to come out victorious, which we did. We got a few wins but we actually had those Knockouts tag team titles on our minds, and I just want to thank you for even considering me tagging with you. You’re the truth, girl. You’re future is bright and I mean it. Jordynne, I want to thank you and the family of IMPACT for welcoming me with open arms. I’ve never had the opportunity to work with this company through my twenty-plus years but these last few months, you talk about going out with a bang, sister, I went out with a bang.”

Fire ‘N Flava make their way out to the stage saying that it is about time that Jazz retires. An impromptu non-title match was made between the tag champs against Jazz & Grace. Jazz picked up the win for her team and had her hand raised for the last time in an IMPACT ring. After the match, she finished her retirement speech. She thanked the fans for their love and continuous support throughout the years. The IMPACT roster came out to the ring to give her a round of applause and give her a proper send-off.

After the speech was over, Fire ‘N Flava was backstage and fuming that they were forced to have a match when they weren’t even prepared. Scott D’Amore said he was tired of them always being disrespectful. He booked them to defend their Knockouts Tag Team Titles for Rebellion and originally said their opponents would be Jazz & Grace.

Once the champs stormed off, Jazz & Grace approached D’Amore. He said it was the least he could do for Jazz to give them this title match. Although she appreciates it greatly, Jazz says she has to honor her word and as a result of her loss against Purrazzo she must say goodbye to her in-ring career. However, she has the perfect partner for Grace and they will face the champs at Rebellion. D’Amore says he trusts that whoever she has in mind is a good fit and the match is set.

Who do you think will end up being Grace’s opponent?!

Will it be someone unexpected or perhaps will it be the returning Taylor Wilde. For week’s we have seen vignettes progressively showing the return of former two-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion Wilde. Tonight the most recent one finally showed Wilde with her saying “Let’s get Wilde!”

Tenille Dashwood is the current number one contender for the Knockouts Title and she will be facing Purrazzo at Rebellion. Dashwood ushered in a brand new talk show named All About Me. The talk show is a chance for her “guests” to be the “host” and ask her any questions they see fit.

Her first “host” was Gia Miller. Before Miller could get her question out, Dashwood interrupted her. She said she knows she is going to ask her how is she so sure that she is going to win the Knockouts Championship. She says she is going to win because she is good at everything and she started the women’s revolution. Dashwood feels that it is ironic that she hasn’t won the Knockouts Title yet. She has faced Purrazzo outside of IMPACT and has never lost to her.

Rebellion is set to take place on April 25.

What did you think of this week’s IMPACT? Who do you think Jazz will find to be Jordynne’s partner for Rebellion? Do you think Tenille will become the next Knockouts Champion? Leave your thoughts below.