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Where could the latest WWE releases flourish post-WWE?

WWE fans were shaken when the release of multiple big named stars was announced yesterday. Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Chelsea Green, and Mickie James had all been unexpectedly released by the company.

These releases come on the anniversary of “Black Wednesday”. “Black Wednesday” was given its name when WWE announced mass releases after WrestleMania 36 in 2020.

Following the releases of these four women, WWE fans are speculating where each of them could wind up to further their careers. Here are potential destinations for Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Chelsea Green and Mickie James following their releases from WWE.

Billie Kay

Billie Kay’s comedic character has been met with much praise by fans

Billie Kay was the first name announced by WWE, and was potentially the biggest shock. She was seen in the ring as recently as WrestleMania 37 last weekend, where she partnered up with Carmella in the women’s tag team turmoil match.

Billie Kay was possibly one of the funniest stars on the WWE roster. She kept fans entertained with her quick wit, and despite not being given much television time, she made the most of every minute. Her skills could translate well to the world of acting, and the star had even previously taken lessons at the end of 2020. Kay could even use her charisma to become a host or presenter.

The outcome that most appear to want for Kay is a reunion for her and Peyton Royce. Surely wrestling promotions would want to snatch them up as a pair and reunite The IIconics elsewhere?

They could add an extra dimension to the AEW women’s division, and even head up a women’s tag team division in the promotion. As well as this, IMPACT has a women’s tag team division with new belts that started earlier this year. Their tag division is small so why not get one of the best tag teams to join? The duo could fit in nicely there.

Peyton Royce

Peyton Royce is a star with huge potential

Peyton Royce was another shocking name in the WWE release list. The star had been involved in the action on RAW just two weeks before WrestleMania 37, in a match against then-RAW Women’s Champion Asuka. Fans had been rallying behind Peyton Royce not too long ago following her impassioned promo on RAW Talk. Her famous line of “my potential haunts me” had many fans and fellow wrestlers across all promotions buzzing.

Following her WWE release, it would be great (as previously mentioned) to see Peyton Royce and Billie Kay reunited. As Royce’s husband, Shawn Spears is in AEW, it seems as though a move to Wednesday Nights could be a possibility.

Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green had only recently signed a new WWE contract

Chelsea Green hasn’t had great luck during her WWE run but she has always met her setbacks with a smile and determination. Not long in her debut for NXT, which saw her wrestle at live events, she suffered a broken wrist. In late 2020, she made her debut on SmackDown in a fatal four-way match to earn a spot on the women’s Survivor Series team. It was rumored that she was supposed to win but ended up breaking her wrist again, leading to the finish of the match being changed. Around this time it was rumored that she had signed a new three-year contract.

Green hasn’t been seen on television since the injury and was reported to be cleared to wrestle last month. However, she was released by the company before she returned to television.

Online, Chelsea Green has hinted that she may return to Impact Wrestling or take that character of Laurel Van Ness elsewhere. During her time in Impact, she portrayed the hot mess Laurel Van Ness character. She posted a photo of her former character with the caption: “Welcome back, it’s been a while.” to her Twitter account.

However, she fueled further speculation in regards to her intentions when AEW star Abadon sent her a waving hello gif, to which she responded to with a smile. Online, Chelsea Green and Mickie James have been hinting at a shared storyline, and it would be great to see them continue that together post-WWE.

Mickie James

Mickie James is regarded as a WWE Legend

Mickie James has been with WWE for a couple of runs since 2005. She is held in high regard by both fans of the company, and the women’s locker room. Her name was another on the list of releases that caused shock based on her Legend status.

James was last seen on WWE television during NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, where she appeared on commentary during the pre-show. She was also a part of RAW Legends Night back in January, and also challenged Asuka for the RAW Women’s Championship in 2020. This was a match that certainly had its controversial ending. Other than the Royal Rumble, James has not been in the ring since September.

She has been prominent in the support and excitement of many popular events in the WWE including the WWE Draft. A draft where she became the only woman not given to a brand despite her promotion of it.

There are many possibilities for James post-WWE. Between her stints in the company, she was a huge part of Impact Wrestling and is a three-time Knockouts Champion. It is easy to imagine James being welcomed back to the company as a legend. Given that she had a great showing on the commentary desk, she could be a great addition to any company as a commentator.

As well as Impact, AEW could want Mickie James to join them. They have recently had some huge signings from WWE’s men’s division and could want to replicate this with the women. James may also want to join her husband, Nick Aldis in NWA.

As well as this, Mickie James is also a talented country musician. She may want to take the time to focus on her music career post-WWE but something tells us that she isn’t done in the ring yet.

All four of these women are extraordinary talents and will certainly exceed no matter where life takes them.

Where would you like to see Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Chelsea Green and Mickie James appear next?

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