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Jazz vs. Ivelisse at Ladies Night Out 5 – 02.23.19


On this week’s Free Match Friday we continue what was started last week and that is to celebrate Black History Month. Last week we revisited WWE Hall of Famer Jacqueline’s win of the Cruiserweight Championship that took place nearly 16-years ago. This week will be a more recent match, but it highlights one of the best in the business – Jazz.

The match that you can view above is from the Ladies Night Out 5 event that took place last year. This is an event that is about to have their 9th installment and is hosted by Reality of Wrestling.

In this match it was Jazz taking on Ivelisse in a Falls Count Anywhere match. The action spilled out all around ringside with a short trip to the stage. Weapons were used throughout such as chairs, a ladder, and cable cords.

In the end though, Jazz would fall victim to Ivelisse after a distraction caused by Barbi Hayden who was on commentary. Jazz would taunt Hayden who then would hop on the ring apron and deliver a punch. Ivelisse capitalizes and hits a DDT on a chair. She rolls up Jazz for the win.

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