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Jeff Jarrett Courting Torrie Wilson?

If the latest rumours are anything to go by, it seems TNA is trying to land a Knockout of epic proportions! Jeff Jarrett has reportedly pitched ideas to the one and only Torrie Wilson to join the company. Torrie retired from pro wrestling earlier this year when she left the WWE, due to back injuries. From my own discussions with Torrie as well as her blogs, shoot interview etc. it definitely seems like she has closed the door on wrestling.

To be honest, I don’t see it happening at all. Torrie can’t wrestle anymore because of her back, she still has lasting damage despite her surgery earlier this year and I doubt even if she felt slightly better, she’d take the risk of aggravating it again. Torrie left WWE because she couldn’t wrestle anymore, despite the fact that WWE really accomodated Torrie in the past year, offering her a new position with the company – all this just to get her to stay. If Torrie really wanted to stay in the business, I definitely think she’s WWE through-and-through and would have stayed there. She can offer no more to TNA than she could WWE and WWE is where Torrie’s heart lies, I believe.

The report also suggests that Gail Kim tried to get Torrie on board while she was with the company, which got me wondering about this strange twist of fate since Torrie left. SmackDown, the brand she was most part of during her career and arguably the show’s #1 Diva in history, finally got it’s own women’s division and title. Torrie always wanted to wrestle more on SmackDown and have a title to compete for. And now one of her best friends is back with the WWE too!

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