Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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Jillian & Melina Become 4th and 5th Divas Champions


The Divas Championship has changed hands not once, but twice in an unfathomable episode of Raw. [Still in shock!] Jillian and Melina became the fourth and fifth Divas Champions, respectively.

Jillian defeated Mickie James in a short singles match to take the title and can now claim that in her long five year career, she has held a major championship. [Happy now, Jillian fans?] Afterwards, Guest Host Nancy O’Dell announced a Diva trade which saw Melina being traded back to Raw. O’Dell gave Melina a Divas Championship match, which was even shorter than the one prior; Melina pinned Jillian with the Last Call to become the third woman to hold the Women’s & Divas Championship.

Needless to say, this whole situation is mind blowingly… er, mind blowing.

The full details of the Diva trade will be announced after Raw on WWE.com, however already announced is that Beth Phoenix has been traded to SmackDown.

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