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Jim Ross Comments on Snooki’s Involvement at WrestleMania

While fans may be outraged that Snooki is getting into a wrestling ring, WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross, hit the nail on the head in his latest blog regarding her involvement: look at the press it has garnered.

He writes:

While Snooki’s in ring expertise may never be confused with many past or present WWE Divas, the value of having Snooki on the Wrestlemania card has already been established with the massive amount of main stream PR that the ‘Jersey Shore’ personality has garnered. I was amazed at how short Snooki was as she seemed to be cooperative and professional based on my limited observations of her.

Snooki’s appearance on Raw and news of her appearance at WrestleMania has been picked up by the likes of Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Report, MTV, TMZ, People and many more mainstream media outlets.

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