Friday, May 24, 2024

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John Cena Speaks on WWE Unifying Divas & Women’s Titles

WWE Superstar, John Cena, had some rare comments about the Divas division, endorsing the company’s decision to unify the Divas and Women’s Championships.

Speaking on Sirius XM’s Busted Open radio show, he said that he believed the Raw and SmackDown divisions would benefit from the unification, as it would give Divas ‘more exposure when TV time is limited’, reports PWTorch.

Thoughts: Not sure where he came to that conclusion, personally. Wouldn’t it do the opposite? I feel we’ll end up seeing more and more of the same crop of Divas with one belt to compete for, while most of the girls will be frozen out of the title picture, thus likely being frozen out of TV time altogether. This comes across like a band-aid solution to book just one women’s feud, probably on just one show, at a time. Whether that singular feud gets anymore attention than the writing for the Divas currently remains to be seen. I feel this is just an excuse to lower creative’s workload in creating storylines for the Divas (because it’s just so gosh darn hard!), rather than to really hone in on the division with one feud at a time getting the solid storylining we haven’t seen since Trish vs Mickie.

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