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Jordynne Grace cuts scathing promo on LuFisto before SHINE 56

Jordynne Grace is gearing up for her match at SHINE 56 for the SHINE Wrestling promotion. Grace has a lot to celebrate due to recent events. She recently defeated Jinny for the PROGRESS Women’s Championship on Dec. 30. Grace has her eyes set on LuFisto next.

Grace will battle LuFisto in a No Holds Barred match on Jan. 19. LuFisto is a former SHINE Champion where she held the title for 529 days before vacating the title due to personal reasons. Known as Team PAWG, the two were thick as thieves as they formed their tag team in Feb. 2017.

Team PAWG, throughout 2017 and well into 2018, defeated several teams consisting of both women and men in the indie scene. Grace – as the protege – and LuFisto – as the mentor – had a sisterly bond that appeared unbreakable. The bond was unbreakable until SHINE 54.

At SHINE 54 this past November, LuFisto attempted to regain the SHINE Championship against Allysin Kay, but came up short. PWInsider reported during that event and explained what happened after the main event. After a show of respect between Kay and LuFisto, Grace made her way out to the ring.

After seeing LuFisto receive a title shot over her, Grace was infuriated. LuFisto felt that if Grace wanted the title shot, then she should’ve won a match. Grace attacked her former mentor from behind and choked her out.

On SHINE Wrestling’s official Twitter page, Grace addressed the masses on the answer to “why” she has turned on her cohort. She explains that she is not only tired of being held back, but also having to “babysit a woman twice [her] own age.”

Grace continues to harshly explain that she is tired of the whining and complaining that LuFisto does. The student has graduated and is willing to take the place of her professor. The destruction of LuFisto is Grace’s current goal and she also vows to end her career at SHINE 56 in Queens, N.Y. on Jan. 19.

Follow up with Diva Dirt to see if LuFisto will respond to Grace’s harsh words leading up to their No Holds Barred match, as well as the results of their match.

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