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Joy Giovanni discusses the short career she had with WWE

Former WWE Diva, Joy Giovanni, sat down with Vickie Guerrero for her Excuse Me podcast to discuss her time with WWE. Giovanni’s time with the company may have been a short one, but for Diva fans she is highly remembered. She was involved in the 2004 Divas Search and finished in third place.

Giovanni’s biggest storyline involved her being the on-screen girlfriend to the Big Show during his rivalry with JBL. She had a rivalry with Amy Weber who was a cabinet member for JBL. Giovanni found herself kidnapped and tied up in the trunk of JBL’s. It would later turn out that it was Kurt Angle behind this.

Throughout the podcast interview, Giovanni was very candid about her time with the company. She had the following to say in regards to her short run.

“I started out as an actress, but then I got an offer from WWE and it changed everything. And when they did that big group of releases, when they released like 50 people, I was the last one to find out. Some of the wrestlers were calling me, telling me they were released, and I didn’t know what they were talking about.”

In addition to this, she was asked if she misses wrestling. Her response includes how upset she was upon her release. She clearly expected way more from her huge opportunity.

“If I’m being really honest, I was totally heartbroken when I got released. My initial contract was set up so that I really only had to appear for televised events, but as you both know, wrestling is 5 days a week. At the time I was released I was set to go on the road full-time. So I was giving up all my other acting stuff and completely committing and it just felt like a really bad breakup for me. I was hurt for a little while. I made a lot of connections, but when you’re out of the game, you lose some of them. I lost a lot of connections. I always enjoyed the fans, to me, it was a special feeling to engage that way, so I miss that part of it.”

Giovanni would also get into what she has been doing since her time with WWE. She is rather humble over the amount of people she meets who still remembers her even though her time was short and many years ago.

“I did some more acting after that. Things here and there and then had a horrible divorce and refocused on being a mom. Before I started into acting in 2001 I had gone to school for natural medicine and massage therapy, so I decided to establish a new wellness center and ultimately moved to San Diego in 2010 and created a wellness center. I shifted more from massage to being a medium now.

Often I’m so surprised that anyone in the wrestling community even remembers who I am, just because it was so long ago and in such a short time. But I was in a major program and got to appear with other Superstars, so I wasn’t always with (Big) Show. I am open to do more conventions in 2020/2021, so we’ll see.”

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Credit for transcripts goes to Bvmbshelled.

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