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Jungle Kyona bids farewell to STARDOM

Jungle Kyona announced that she is leaving STARDOM after six years with the world’s biggest and best Joshi promotion.

Kyona signed with the company in 2015 where she won multiple championships and became a hugely popular member of the roster.

Kyona spent the two years of her wrestling career in Senegal on the West Coast of Africa, which is where she adopted the Jungle part of her name and persona. She debuted for STARDOM on November 15, 2015, against Momo Watanabe before winning the Rookie of the Year tournament a month later.

Her wild character and powerful wrestling style made her a stand out performer and popular with the fans.

Tag team gold aspirations followed as she teamed with Watanabe known as JKGReeeN. The duo performed well in 2016’s Goddesses of STARDOM Tag League but didn’t make it to the finals.

Kyona challenged Kay Lee Ray of the ICW Women’s Championship and Kairi Hojo (Sane) for the Wonder of STARDOM Championship. Although unsuccessful on both occasions it showed that she was a force to be reckoned with.

Championship gold was finally hers when along with Hiroyo Matsumoto they captured the Goddesses of STARDOM titles from Hojo and Yoko Bito. After winning the title she formed Team Jungle with Kaori Yoneyama and Natsuko Tora. More gold followed as she won the Artist of STARDOM Championships becoming a double champion in the process.

In 2018 after losing the tag team titles to Hana Kimura and Kagetsu of Oedo Tai, Team Jungle disbanded to be replaced with Jungle Assualt Nation. Kyona Leo Onozaki and Ruaka ruled the tag and trios division winning both titles once more.

The group broke up a year later and Kyona joined Kimura’s new faction Tokyo Cyber Squad. The move saw further success as she won the trios titles for the third time with Kimura and Konami. Success continued as she also won the tag titles with Konami for the third time.

It was during this time that injuries began to plague her career. In October of last year, Kyona revealed the extent of the injuries and would be taking indefinite time off. Unfortunately, there will be no triumphant return for Jungle Kyona in STARDOM and we will have to wait and see where she ends up after her successful recovery.

All at Diva Dirt wish Jungle Kyona the best of luck and hope to see her in wrestling very soon.

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