Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Kairi Sane suffers possible concussion at TLC *Updated*

Update: Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet and the Satin Sheet has confirmed through sources that Kairi Sane is not cleared to compete. The length of time is not known at this moment.

WWE’s final pay-per-view of the year/decade TLC took place last night and the main event of The Kabuki Warriors vs Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch became the main talking point but for all the wrong reasons.

Early on in the match, it obvious to everyone watching that something wasn’t right with Kairi Sane. Brain Alvarez from the Wrestling Observer is reporting that Sane suffered a concussion during one of the many brutal spots that took place.

The match became very uncomfortable to watch as Sane visibly injured stumbled around the ring mistiming spots and moves which lead to some highly questionable actions from Charlotte.

Charlotte went for a spear that didn’t connect properly, which visibly annoyed her. Charlotte then stood up slapped her in the face screamed “enough of this shit” and then, despite Sane’s efforts to not take the move, for you know brain injuries, and viciously smashed her through a table at ringside.

To make matters worse there seemed to be no effort from the ringside referees or backstage officials to check on Sane’s condition despite being clearly injured.

Becky Lynch became aware of the situation and could be seen notifying officials and trying to talk to and protect Sane from any further serious injury. Below is a really good thread of clips showing Lynch’s efforts to keep Kairi safe while continuing the match.

After the match, Becky Lynch, Paige, Asuka, and Charlotte posted on Twitter their admiration for Kairi Sane’s grit and determination for continuing the match.

The fact that the match was allowed to go on, in my opinion, was highly irresponsible of WWE and they need to address the situation as soon as possible. WWE have yet to comment on Sane’s condition or the situation.

What did you make of the match, the injury and do you think the match should’ve stopped? Let us know below and as always stay tuned to Diva Dirt for all of your WWE news and updates.

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