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Kamille threatens to end all of the NWA Women’s Division

Tonight’s NWA Powerrr returned in a big way as it featured two first-time-ever events. The first was Kamille’s in-ring debut and the second, her first-ever interview.

The last time we saw Kamille on NWA Powerrr was Feb 25, 2020. The main event of that show was a match for the NWA Women’s World Championship between the champion Thunder Rosa and her former stablemate, Melina.

The match ended in a count-out when Melina left the ring seconds after the bell rang. Former NWA Women’s Champion Allysin Kay would chase Melina back into the ring and that is when Kamille would strike.

Since the episode aired everything was put on hold as due to the Coronavirus lockdown. But last week Stu Bennet announced that NWA Powerrr was returning and Kamille would be making her debut.

Kamille would also commemorate the occasion with an epic movie-like trailer.

Kamille would enter the arena to a chous of boos to take on Madi Max. Kamille would instanlty over power and toss her opponant around like a rag doll.

The match was a showcase for Kamille to display her power, strength and ferocity and that is exactly what she did. Poor Madi Max didn’t stand a chance. She was decimated quickly and efficiently by Kamille’s offence and was finished off with a fierce spear.

Despite Kamille’s standout appearance and imposing stature, one of the most intriguing parts of her character has been her stoic silence. NWA has played this part of her persona excellently by keeping her away from the microphone and build her up as somewhat of an enigma.

But tonight that was all to end as we were treated to an amazing video, in which Kamille threatened to end everyone in the NWA women’s division.

NWA remains to be an extremely entertaining and enjoyable wrestling show with one foot in old school nostalgia and the other in the future and with performers like Kamille due to take the division by storm, NWA seems to be building a very interesting and excting women’s divison.

What did you make of Kamille’s debut and first interview? Let us know in the comments below and as always stay tuned to Diva Dirt for all of your NWA news and reviews.

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