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Kanji defeats Gisele Shaw to become Progress Women’s Champion

Kanji is the new Progress World Women’s Champion after defeating Gisele Shaw in match three of a Best of 3 Series at Chapter 111: One Leg in the Air. This match was the main event.

The bout was for the vacant title from former champion Jinny who had to relinquish the title. It was Jinny who decided for these two women to have a Best of 3 Series. Both Kanji and Shaw appeared on this week’s WWE The Bump to hype up the match.

The history of this rivalry can be summed up by catching the video below.

After Kanji mistakenly knocked out the referee, Shaw introduced the lead pipe into the match which has been her security plan time and time again. Kanji avoided the connection with the pipe and delivered a stunner off the ropes. The match would have been won there but the referee was still knocked out.

Shaw then connected with the pipe and stirred the referee to make the count. Kanji kicked out. Shaw would then take attention to Kanji’s injured arm by exposing it and then relentlessly striking the arm over and over. Shaw goes up top but Kanji catches her in the triangle submission. Shaw then lifts her up still in the submission and slams her to the mat. Shaw counters and gets a count of two which breaks the hold.

Moments later, Kanji hits another stunner off the turnbuckle to get the three count to be crowned the new champion!

This title has been held by women such as Jinny, Jordynne Grace, Meiko Satomura, and the inaugural champion Toni Storm. Kanji has gone on record saying she would love for both Grace and Stomura to return to Progress so she can face her.

Wrestling Inc. was on a media call ahead of this Progress event and spoke with Kanji with her saying, “I’d love to see Jordynne Grace come back,” Kanji said. “I’d love to step in the ring with Jordynne Grace and have her come back with all the skills and abilities that she’s learned since having the belt previously. I think definitely also get Meiko Satomura back. I think she could grace our ring again. That would be awesome.”

Shaw added with Wrestling Inc. that she would face Sasha Banks.

“I’d like to add, my people told me that apparently Sasha Banks wants to come to PROGRESS, and if we can make that happen, then you know what, I’m open to a singles match,” Shaw stated. “I’m open to a triple threat, doesn’t matter to me. Get that out there”

Inside the Ropes took part in the media call as well and Shaw says if she became champion she would want to defend against Flair.

“I’ll defend it with whoever, anywhere, any time. And specifically, I did call out Charlotte Flair yesterday at The Bump because she walks around saying she’s ‘The Queen’. Well, you know what? I am ‘The Quintessential Diva’ and she’s never been to PROGRESS. She says she’s the best of the best. You know what? Come at me and try and take this belt away from me.”

Big congratulations to both women for a fantastic main event and to Kanji for picking up the win and becoming the new champion!

If you would like to watch this match, you can see it on Peacock.

Also this event saw Mercedez Blaze defeat Taonga.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for future news from PROGRESS.

Main photo credit: PROGRESS

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