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Kelly Kelly Responds to Melina’s Comments

Catfightttttt! You know you’re truly in the 21st century when feuds aren’t only happening in the ring, but on the Internet as well. ECW’s Kelly Kelly has posted a new blog on her MySpace and has dedicated a paragraph to Melina‘s blog yesterday on Melina wrote:

When I watched as a fan, as a female I wanted someone I could look up to and say I want to be strong like her. Not, I can’t wait to stand around and have people look at me in little outfits. Anyone can just stand around. Girls do that all over the world and it’s not a big deal. If you want to see that, go to the mall! Or watch ECW!

Kelly, in her best English I might add responds however doesn’t name Melina directly hmm:

On another note i was reading another blog that one of the divas had written referring to the ecw divas something along the lines that we just stand around in little outfits and have people look at us and thats all we do…well i may be jumping out on a limb here but im guessing shes talking about me and layla since were the only divas on ecw lol…im going to speak on behalf of layla and myself how much of a load of S**t that is we work our butts off every week and put our heart and soul into our matches and everything else we do on the show we may be beginners at all this but every chance were able to get in that ring to train or work on promos you better bet your ass we do it with 110 % better ourselves and to prove to people like u WRONG!all i have to say is im only 21 im finishing up my college degree and i have and amazing family that supports me.. this person knows who she is and i dont care what u think your opinion means nothing to getting my chance to live my dream to finally prove im not just another pretty face and im laughing in yours all the way up im not letting anything get in my way!!!

I don’t know, it certainly doesn’t seem like a work. Melina’s blogs are usually part character-part shoot. What do you think? Is it a work or is there some backstage tension between these two Divas? And raise your hand if you think Kelly didn’t name Melina because girl knows she’d get her ass handed to her.

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