Sunday, June 23, 2024

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Kiera Hogan receives new entrance video & theme

Kiera Hogan has finally embraced her Girl on Fire gimmick on IMPACT! She recently has returned to her heel gimmick that she is most notable for from the independent scene. Hogan has been a prominent member of the heel stable Cutie Pie Club in Shine Wrestling prior to signing with IMPACT. Finally, as of May, that persona has recently been unleashed.

She has been showing Jordynne Grace just how much her attitude has changed ever since.

Just last week, Hogan caused a distraction during Grace’s match against Madison Rayne. Rayne was able to pick up the win as a result. With her new fiery gimmick comes a new entrance video and theme music. The new theme can be seen below:

What are your thoughts on the new theme for Kiera Hogan? Does she have the potential to become a future Knockouts Champion? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!!

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