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Kong to Challenge WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez at EVOLVE

WSU Champion, Mercedes Martinez has yet another high profile match on the horizon. As well as facing Mickie James in a couple of weeks, Martinez has now been booked against Awesome Kong on September 11th for the WSU Championship at EVOLVE.

The longest reigning & defending champion in all of womens wrestling today, WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez, who recently surpassed her 500th day as champion and making her 28th World Title defense, defeated Tina San Antonio to retain the championship on 7/23 in Union City, NJ at EVOLVE.

Martinez increased her win/loss record in EVOLVE to 4-0, previously defeating Niya, Sumie Sakai & Brittney Savage.

However, after the match, Martinez asked for more competition and again challenged Amazing (Awesome) Kong. This time, over the video screen, Awesome Kong accepted the challenge. WSU & EVOLVE officials have signed the match. On 9/11, in Rahway, NJ, Mercedes Martinez, if still champion, will defend the World Title against Amazing Kong.

We say “if still champion”, because Mercedes Martinez is scheduled to defend the WSU World Championship at an ICW event on 8/7, when she faces her most high profile challenger to date – MICKIE JAMES. If James is to win the WSU World Championship, James will be signed to give the winner of Martinez/Kong a World Title shot at a future WSU event.

If Martinez is no longer champion, Martinez/Kong will be a number 1 contenders match to the WSU World Title. Champion or not, Martinez wants this match with Kong to prove that she is the greatest womens wrestler in the world today. However, Kong is no push-over, and guarantees to put up the biggest fight to date in Martinez’s EVOLVE career.

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