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Kris Wolf on coming up with her Wolf character

Independent wrestling star Kris Wolf was a recent guest the Women’s Pro Wrestling Weekly podcast where she discusses first starting her wrestling career, coming up with her Wolf persona, and reveals the top names she’d like to wrestle. Highlights of the interview below, courtesy of After Buzz.

On coming up with her Wolf persona: I think a lot of it comes from me feeling awkward in “human situations” sometimes, and I feel more like a wolf, you know? I enjoy peeing where I feel like it, sleeping where I feel like, and you know, eating lots of meat. I think in the beginning of my career I was trying to be a “good person,” and I got partnered up with like, Kyoko Kimura, and she’s just like, “No, Kris, you should do what you want!
What does your heart tell you?” And, my heart tells me, “F*ck everything!”

On getting started in pro wrestling while in Japan: Well, I was teaching English for a while in the countryside – got bored, moved to Tokyo, taught English there. [I learned] I guess changing location doesn’t change the fact that teaching English isn’t my thing! So, I started talking to people and through conversation, a Japanese woman was like, “Hey, why don’t you try pro wrestling?” And I was like, “What is that?” And she’s like, “Look up Joshi Puro.” And so, I did on YouTube. Saw it, and was like, “This is a job?”. I messaged STARDOM to figure out how does one become a pro wrestler. They were like, “Well, you can train with us, take the test, and if you pass the test you can become a wrestler. And I basically quit my job, which was foolish because I still needed to eat! I lived off of savings, and then when those savings started to run out, I was just walking four hours across Tokyo to get to practice and then taking the train back to treat myself. But, you know, it was really intense and I was really obsessed with the idea of debuting. And then I did and then I wanted to quit because it was so hard and painful in my soul! But, I kept going and there was like little moments and conversations with people that were just like, “No, you can’t quit! I’m going retire and you have to be there for that ceremony.”

If she was intimidated training with trainers like Io Shirai: Yes! [Laughs] But I think Japan in general, is about time, even with friendships. The longer time you spend with them, the warmer that they get. So, I feel like Io now is a very friendly person. She’s more open, she’s willing talk and have conversations. But at the time, when we were underneath Nanae [Takahashi], it was more rigid. You know, there weren’t jokes, unless she was making the jokes, or unless the top three were making jokes and stuff. For me, I can’t keep things inside but I felt like I had to, in order to live in that society. So, I became this kind of really quiet, polite person who didn’t understand half the things that were going on. But yeah, it was a good experience! Keep pushing through!

Advice she would give her younger self when she started training: Actively learn Japanese, study it but also keep going. Keep your friends outside of wrestling close because they’re the ones that keep you balance, you can’t just get wrapped up in wrestling. Continue to appreciate the people within the wrestling world. I think past me did okay, I guess I would just give myself more hugs. In Japan you don’t get that many hugs.

Top five people she wants to wrestle: I feel like this would be my exit out of the game and be like, Meiko Satomura, Aja Kong. I mean, basically people who could destroy me because then I’d be done. Walter! Tim Thatcher! Brian Cage! [Laughs] This would be like, Kris’s sendoff! Maybe Walter would be the last one. I would enter the ring with like a football uniform, pads and the helmet. I’ve actually thought about it.

Kris Wolf also discusses difference perspective between Japanese culture, plans for the future and enjoying her freedom on the independent scene.

You can watch the full interview below:

What did you think of the interview? What have been some of your favorite Kris Wolf moments? Where would you like to see her next? Let us know in the comments below!

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