Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Krissy Vaine’s Vainety Fair: Follow Your Fate?


How many of us actually follow our fate? Our life purpose? Or our path? The signs seem to always be there, but do we listen or pay attention? And how long can you ignore what keeps being put in front of you by something that is bigger than you. My signs have always been pretty prevalent and loud, sort of like my personality. There have been times when I have paid attention and there have been times when I have chosen ego over a divine purpose. I believe we are all here to do something, but how do we grasp what that might be?

We can pay attention to synchronicity for starters. Synchronicity happens all the time and there are constantly ‘hints’ being thrown in front of us to help us to us reach our potential. If something drops in front of your face more than three times, I’d rest assured someone or something is trying to tell you something. For me,  it’s always been the wrestling business. No matter what I do, it always calls on me — even if I’m attempting anonymity. This business has given me a platform to reach and touch many people and it continues to do so even as an inactive performer and jobberette extraordinaire ;) I have not had that kind of success in any other business (as hard as I’ve tried), it just hasn’t happened . I used to think it was the devil on my shoulder, but I’m beginning to wonder if my ‘plans’ and my ‘path’ are two different things. You see our ‘egos’ plan. They instill us with fear, induce anxiety and promote worry. Our ‘paths’ just take us where we are supposed to go with no ulterior motives. Our path just wants us to have the peace that we are doing what we are supposed to do and the universe is thrilled by it. When this happens we are truly in sync. I’m working on it but definitely not quite there myself.

So what happens when we choose not to follow our path? Statistically depression, anxiety, illness. I have most definitely been there! And what about timing? Wrestling seems to keep whispering in my ear, but WWE wasn’t right for me. I felt it in my gut and I became one of the above statistics. Can timing be everything when it comes to your path? And can you be put in certain situations, that you can’t possibly understand to prepare you for what’s next? A wise woman recently told me ” It’s your time now, you have learned all of your lessons and you are READY.” ‘Ready for what?’ I thought, she then went on to say keep writing and follow your heart. Keep writing? I didn’t even know this woman (first time meeting), I guess I should mention. How in the world did she know I wrote anything? Honestly, that’s why I haven’t written in a few weeks. She put alot of pressure on me not to suck (hehe). I’m still not completely sure what she meant or how this will effect anything but I’m heeding her words.

I have a firm belief that you can ‘have it all’. I don’t believe that you have to live life being unhappy and I believe that every single one of us deserves happiness. So why do some of us work jobs that we can’t stand, or continue to stay in a relationship that isn’t fulfilling or become wallflowers when we are meant to be a rainbow of bright light? I left WWE and could have potentially lost everything. However, I didn’t — in fact I gained so much more by my decision. Without even realizing at the time I was just following my path. My path is laying itself out in front of me every day and I’m just on that journey. It’s actually kind of exciting not knowing what’s coming next and watching everything unfold! The universe is happy and it has rewarded me in so many ways. I don’t have a clue what the next step for me is. I know it’s gonna be BIG and EXCITING though. I’m just along for the ride and what a rollercoaster it will be! Each sign is leading me into my best future. I’m continuing on my path and the prize keeps getting greater. If everyone did this, imagine how awesome life would be! Try to hop on your own rollercoasters and see what happens — even if just for a day. Try it out and see if you are presented with any signs. And please share! These are always so exciting to hear about! Until next time…

Love and light,

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