Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Kurt Angle on Chyna Joining TNA, Her Huge Reaction from Fans, Wants to See Her Wrestle Men

Kurt Angle spoke to the Busted Open radio show about a number of topics, including the arrival of Chyna in TNA.

Diva Dirt has a little sneak peak of the interview which will air on Monday.

Angle says of Chyna: “She looked good. She looked healthy too. You know what, even though we only had 1,400 people there, the response that just came from those fans sent a big message to Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter, and myself as well, that Chyna will always be a huge name. It was cool because when they introduced her…people were like ‘holy, no way. Chyna. She’s coming. Oh my God,’ and then she came out and she looked good. It was like, she is back. It was one of the feel-good moments for Impact Wrestling.

“I mean, Chyna is going to cause a ruckus in Impact Wrestling. I hope they have her wrestle the guys. Impact Wrestling is very pro-women as far as women wresting women. I remember when Awesome Kong (Kharma) came in and I told Jeff Jarrett I want to wrestle her right now. Let me put me over. He’s like ‘no, she’s going with women’. I believe Chyna should go with the guys eventually.”

Listen to the sneak peak clip below:


The full interview will air this coming Monday (May 16th) at 2pm ET on Sirius 92 and XM 207.

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