Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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Lacey Von Erich Gone from TNA

Lacey Von Erich has announced that she has parted ways with TNA.

Writing on her Twitter page, Lacey wrote: I decided to respectfully leave TNA today. I want to try new things, like be a sports host or something :) Love ya’ll!”

Adding on her Facebook page, Lacey admits that she wasn’t exactly ring-savvy, writing: “Let’s face it I was no Von Erich in the ring :) But it was so much fun! I’m getting married, and would love to do something local, luckily I live in L.A. so it shouldnt be too difficult! :)”

Thoughts: I’m glad to see Lacey has a sense of humor re. her lack of wrestling ability. She was definitely a great character though, and a beautiful girl. Good luck to her.

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