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Lacey Von Erich Responds to Angelina Love Interview Comments


Less than 24 hours since her TNA debut, new Knockout Lacey Von Erich has already become embroiled in controversy. Her comments on her Beautiful People predecessor, Angelina Love in an interview with the Miami Herald have been major news today. Taking to her Twitter to comment on the situation, Lacey writes:

I hope everyone enjoyed the show last night! Angelina Love was amazing in the beautiful people and I hope I do it justice!

P.S. Don’t believe rumors! I think Angelina will be missed in TNA and hope we can work together someday!

I’m not sure how they can be considered ‘rumours’, when the comments were a direct quote from her in an interview. Unless of course, the quote was completely fabricated by the author of the Miami Herald article, which would be completely unfathomable to me. I truly hope that isn’t the case, because fabricating comments from someone is just low and one would think TNA and Lacey could sue.

That said, I don’t personally believe that to be the case and it seems as though damage control is being done after the fact.

EDIT: Jason Powell of ProWrestling.net is now reporting that TNA management were unhappy with Von Erich’s comments and have forced her to call and apologise to Angelina.

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