Lana wastes a lot of salt and declares her WrestleMania match


In case you haven’t heard, Lana and Rusev have their own YouTube channel, and to call it entertaining is an understatement.

Earlier today, Lana posted a video with the caption “Lana aka #CJPerry is #SALTY and has #BREAKINGNEWS for #SDLIVE & #Wrestlemania !” In the video, Lana complains about the title landscape in the women’s division.

Specifically, Lana complains that Mandy Rose is declaring her own title matches.

“Only the McMahon family can make official title matches that are on Raw or SmackDown, or pay-per-views. So how is Mandy making a declaration that she has a title match at Fastlane versus Asuka?”

She also mentions people “just declaring when they were in the Elimination Chambers” and that she feels dumb for just waiting around for the McMahons to give her a chance, instead of just declaring a match.

Her breaking news?

“I’m declaring…that I’m going to face Asuka at WrestleMania for the Women’s SmackDown Live Title.”

“I’m declaring it, I’m grabbing the brass ring.”

She continues on by calling us all “salty” and then throwing Rusev into the mix.

“I think Rusev needs to declare to freakin’ face Daniel Bryan. Sorry, Kofi! Or make it a fatal three-way. If we’re just declaring!”

The video is being filmed on what appears to be a tour bus, with what appears to be Rusev behind the camera. Lana also clutches on to her dog, Joy. Watch the entire video above.

We’re not entirely sure what we’re watching, but we know one thing: Lana is wasting a lot of salt.

Do you think Lana’s declaration is real? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

*If used, please credit transcription to Diva Dirt.