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Latest On WWE Draft – Is It Taking Place?

It was previously reported that a WWE Draft was set to happen late last year, but that never ended up taking place. If it were to have panned it, a draft would have reset the rosters during Triple H’s regime for the first time. However, talent was told that the draft would be moved to 2023 but were not indicated on when. Some assumed it would take place right after WrestleMania as it has done so in past years.

According to a new report by Fightful Select, they can confirm after speaking to over a dozen talent that unanimously have said that they have not been told that a WWE Draft is coming – or when it could even be.

As of Friday afternoon, talent still haven’t been told about any plans for a draft. In the past, sources for both Fox and USA Network wanted primarily distinctly different and separate rosters in order to specialize their investment. Since Triple H took over creative there has been less of that.

Without a draft taking place last year and one this year not being talked about, the last one to take place was in 2021.

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