Laura DiMatteo upset over WWE’s Saudi Arabia decision


During an interview with Xenia from Xenia Did That, a YouTube channel located in Russia dedicated to entertainment, wrestling, beauty and fashion, wrestler Laura DiMatteo discussed the politics behind professional wrestling.

Xenia asked DiMatteo if she saw wrestling as a way to shine a light on political issues, or as a way to educate the public on such issues, and asked for her thoughts on WWE’s decision to move forward with a show in Saudi Arabia.

“Personally, I’m not into politics, at all. Like, I’m not interested,” DiMatteo noted. “But, I was very upset with the fact that, in Saudi Arabia, women can’t wrestle. I don’t think that’s a good example if you’re promoting women’s wrestling, and then you go to a country which don’t allow women to wrestle.”

DiMatteo was in Russia to compete in a show for Independent Wrestling Federation, where she won the IWF Women’s Championship. The Italian wrestler recently came out as lesbian, which clashes with the Russian “gay propaganda” policy. The country believes that the law, which prevents LBGQT members to openly discuss or promote their sexuality, will “prevent harm to children” by putting a stop to homosexuality as being seen as a norm in society. DiMatteo was asked her thoughts on the legislation, and if it caused any hesitation in coming to Russia.

“Some friends, actually, before coming here, were like telling me like as a joke, but I guess it wasn’t much of a joke. They’re like, ‘Don’t mention you’re gay, like don’t do anything.'”

DiMatteo is a staple of PROGRESS Wrestling and Pro Wrestling:EVE. She’ll debut with DEFIANT Wrestling on March 16 in Sunderland.

See the entire interview in the video above. If quotes from this article are used, please credit Diva Dirt for transcription of video.

Do you agree with Laura DiMatteo on her views regarding Saudi Arabia?