Friday, April 19, 2024

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Lauren Mayhew Makes Television Debut… on ECW

Looks like WWE’s televised training camp, ECW has scored the services of another green newcomer in ring announcer Lauren Mayhew. Once tipped to be the new voice of SmackDown, it seems as though WWE has opted to put Lauren on the third [forgotten & least watched] brand, perhaps to avoid any flubs on the two major shows.

Surely a disappointing downgrade for Lauren, but not even Lilian Garcia started out that great. There’s always a chance to be promoted back to SmackDown, once she shows progression and comfortability in her new role on ECW. For those curious to see her announcing, watch the start of this video:

Also on last night’s ECW, General Manager Tiffany returned after her kayfabe car crash. I don’t watch ECW and haven’t watched Tiffany cut a promo since her first night as GM, so I was interested to see how she’s progressed. Though better from her first outing, she still sounds like a cardboard cut-out reading from a non-existent teleprompter. I guess she just has one of those voices, in fact I thought Lauren sounded more at ease on the microphone — though to Tiffany’s defense, Lauren has past hosting experience so mic work  would come easier.

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