Thursday, December 7, 2023

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Lay-Cool Love from WWE Management

Team Lay-Cool, SmackDown’s answer to Mean Girls, are said to be very popular amongst WWE management who are ‘pleased’ with how the duo’s gimmick has developed, reports Wrestling Observer.

Dave Meltzer writes:

The creative team is really happy with “Lay-Cool,” because there were people mad about the idea that TNA had created the Beautiful People and made their women’s division look second rate in comparison. Their feeling is Lay-Cool is now hotter than the Beautiful People and it’s really a copy so they beat them at their own game.

WWE recently trademarked the term ‘Famous and Flawless’ for Team Lay-Cool also.

Interesting. It’s hard not to see a similarity between the two groups, but I see differences also. In my opinion, Lay-Cool are a much more cohesive unit in the ring while The Beautiful People are better at cutting promos. Having said that though, I do believe Lay-Cool’s promos have improved significantly of late.

As much as they may be similar, they’re two different companies at the end of the day and I think they both serve a purpose within their respective divisions. Not that that will stop people playing them off of each other.

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