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Lisa Marie Varon’s Legacy Award Acceptance Speech

This past week we have been honoring the career and legacy of Lisa Marie Varon. Going down memory lane as a team has been challenging and exciting, because so much of her career has been so phenomenal. So many matches that were revolutionary before the word revolution was used as a marketing strategy. So many moments that made for incredible television.

Lisa’s legacy is that of a woman who’s passion for this business shined through every time she step foot in a ring. A woman who created a blueprint for the “crazy” gimmick that has been popularized ever since. Her catalouge of game-changing matches places her among the elite in women’s wrestling. And with all that, she still continues to work and help mold the future of women’s wrestling.

The true greats are determined not only from their accolades, but more importantly, how they made you feel. And that’s exactly what her legacy will be after it is all said and done: she made us feel.

Below is Varon’s acceptance speech:

Diva Dirt would like to thank Lisa for not only her stellar career, but her unwaivering support of the site over the years. What is your favorite Victoria/Tara match? What moment made you a fan? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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