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Lita Returns To Raw, Helps Lynch Defeat Bayley In Steel Cage


Fans finally got the steel cage match between Becky Lynch and Bayley on the Feb. 6 episode of Raw. And what made it better was it being in the main event where it belongs. The match would end with Lynch victorious after delivering a ManHandle Slam, however, she did get some help. Some help from a Hall of Famer – Lita.

The final moments of the match had Bayley trying to win by escaping the cage. She climbed to the top but Lynch followed her. Lynch tried locking in the DisarmHer on the top of the cage but couldn’t get all of it. Bayley fell down the cage inside the ring to the mat.

With Lynch still at the top of the cage, IYO SKY climbed up and traded blows with Lynch. This continued until she was able to get Lynch back down to the ring. SKY wasn’t able to get back down the cage before Lita’s music hit. She ran down to the ring, pulled SKY off the cage before making sure Dakota Kai wasn’t an issue either. She then slammed the steel cage door on Bayley allowing Lynch to hit her finisher for the win.

From one Hall of Famer to another, we now know that Beth Phoenix will team with Edge to face Rhea Ripley and Finn Balor at Elimination Chamber.

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