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Lita Talks ‘Tough Enough’ and Her Nomadic Life on ‘Unfiltered’

The latest episode of Renee Young‘s interview series Unfiltered welcomed WWE Hall of Famer Lita to the show to discuss the latest goings-on in her life.

Lita confessed that she doesn’t really have a permanent home at the moment and is moving around a lot between Florida to California. She says her dog handles it well: even if they stay in hotels a lot, their consistency is being together.

She says she’s always been nomadic, telling the story of how she went on a solo trip to Europe when she was very young and sleeping on long train rides to avoid paying for a hotel stay.

Lita talks about being a coach on Tough Enough and being inspired by the competitors’ energy. She says she’s happy with the lessons she’s learned and she’s a really great place. It creates a vibe where she’s happy to help others, as she did on Tough Enough.

She admits she has a hard time holding on to her WWE Hall of Fame ring, revealing that she once left it in the bathroom at an appearance, but luckily, a fan found it and gave it back.

She also talks about her relationship with fellow Hall of Famer and “bestie”, Trish Stratus. Lita says she gets videos almost daily of Trish’s son, who she is the godmother of. She and Trish make monthly visits, meeting wherever they can.

Lita closes out the interview, joking about her “internet relationship” with LL Cool J. She recalls tweeting about being heartbroken that he’s married, which lead to them becoming mutual followers and messaging each other.

Watch the full episode now on the WWE Network.

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