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Liv Morgan addresses her controversial promo she made on last week’s RAW

Liv Morgan has the world at her fingertips right now and ahead of the biggest match of her career, she has everything to gain and nothing to lose. Morgan will be taking on Becky Lynch tonight on RAW for the RAW Women’s Championship in her first on-screen singles championship match.

Last week, tensions were at an all-time high as things became very personal between Morgan and Lynch during the contract signing. Morgan referenced losing her best friends in the business referring to both Ruby Riott (Soho) and Sarah Logan (Rowe) who have been released by WWE. She threw the reason for their release due to Lynch by stating, “Just like your big, fat, greedy contract is the reason why my friends are gone.” This comeback was a direct result of Lynch who has brought up Morgan’s friends in prior promos.

This promo delivered by Morgan instantly became controversial as she referenced the releases that have been happening within WWE since 2020. While speaking to Ryan Satin on Out of Character, he asked if it was hard for Morgan to speak on the releases especially those of her close friends.

Morgan responded, “Was it hard for me to say what I said? No. Because Becky’s brought up my friends. She’s brought up my friends not being here. And also after my segment aired I got texted from my friends saying how proud they were and how amazing they thought it was. So I don’t think there wasn’t any hard feelings anywhere around. I know I am addressing something that may feel like an elephant in the room or maybe taboo but these are things that are happening. And I don’t think I said anything wrong.”

“Everyone’s allowed to feel how they feel, everyone’s allowed to react the way they want to react. There was not one intention in my mind to offend anyone or to make light of any situation but kind of just address the reality of the situation. I felt like she (Lynch) needed to hear it. She is on such a high horse right now that I couldn’t wait to yank her down and bring her to reality.”

Morgan gained momentum heading into the championship match by leading her team to victory against Team Becks last week in a huge 10-woman tag team match. The match received much praise backstage.

Morgan says that she has been working with Natalya and TJ Wilson even more than normal and training for her upcoming championship match. She also has a ring in her backyard in her barn that she has been using to train.

Check back in with Diva Dirt to discuss the RAW Women’s Championship match between Liv Morgan and Becky Lynch tonight!!

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