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Liv Morgan back in the ring for a rematch with Brodie Lee Jr

WWE Superstar Liv Morgan was back in the ring taking on the Dark Order’s -1 for the “rematch everyone has been waiting for”.

The “rematch” took place at Natalya and Tyson Kid’s training school and was captured by Amanda Huber.

In the video, Morgan and Lee Jr can be seen running the ropes while Sonya Deville applauds.

The video was posted alongside a heartfelt message from Huber.

“The rematch everyone has been waiting for -1 vs @yaonlylivvonce

Thank you again to @natbynature and @tjwilson711 for letting us come hang out and letting B roll around. He always looks forward to being around wrestling, and this is a safe way for him to learn basics without bumping around. Keeping close to wrestling has been so important for the boys, and staying close to the people they have known for their whole lives has been even more important. We don’t have any blood relatives in Florida, so keeping close to our wrestling family has been a huge part in our healing process.

Liv is always so patient with Brodie and they work really well together. Nattie has done a great job making sure Brodie learns how to keep himself safe, as well as whoever he works with. Also, who better to learn the basics of wrestling from than a Hart?

Nolan as always had a great time running around, playing in the rain, jumping in puddles, and high five jumps.”

Responding to the post Morgan wrote;

“My first inter-gender match and I’m so happy it was with -1

It was so great seeing you guys again



.. until next time

In January earlier this year, Morgan and Lee Jr were filmed throwing down in the ring. The “match” saw -1 get the better of Morgan with a Daniel Bryan’s Yes Kicks and a DDT.

Liv Morgan is currently in a feud with Carmella. They both hold a win over one another, so expect to see them in the ring again.

What do you make of the video? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to Diva Dirt for all of the news, reviews and updates from the world of women’s wrestling.

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