Tuesday, September 19, 2023

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Liv Morgan Becomes Ms. Money in the Bank

The ultimate underdog finally did it, Liv Morgan is the 2022 Ms. Money in the Bank!

At Saturday’s Money in the Bank event, seven women put it all on the line to climb a ladder and grab the briefcase. Shotzi would be the first woman to touch the briefcase, but in the end, it would come down to Morgan and Becky Lynch. Morgan, being the one to unhook the prize and win herself a contract that almost guarantees her the first championship in her career.

The back half of the match had a huge spot on the outside with Lynch crashing down with a leg drop on Asuka with a ladder stretched between the ring and the announce table.

As those two women recovered from that, Lacey Evans, Shotzi, Alexa Bliss, and Raquel Rodriguez were back in the ring. They were brawling on the ladders before Lynch snuck back into the match. She tipped over both the ladders that held all four women which hung them up on the top ring ropes.

The last moments of the bout had Lynch on a taller ladder right below the briefcase while Morgan jumped back into the ring. Morgan was on a smaller ladder next to her. Lynch went to push Morgan off the ladder much like she did to the four other competitors, but Morgan outsmarted Big Time Becks. She stuck her leg out and caught herself pushing herself and the ladder back up right. Morgan smashed Lynch’s face into the ladder causing her to fall to the mat which gave her the path to the briefcase.

Morgan unhooked the briefcase to become Ms. Money in the Bank.

Post match, Lynch continued to breakdown on the outside due to her loss. Morgan had a backstage interview moments later asking her if she had any idea when and where she would utilize her cash in. She says she doesn’t want to mess up this opportunity and all she has ever wanted is to be champion. Adding to that she knows she has a full year to cash in and mentioned WrestleMania would be nice…but for now she is going to just celebrate her win.

Huge congratulations to Liv Morgan on becoming Ms. Money in the Bank!!

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