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Liv Morgan Defeats Lynch In Steel Cage Raw Main Event! Alba & Isla Confront Shayna & Zoey

Hey everybody, welcome back to Monday Night Raw! Tonight marks the first date of the championed Liv Morgan’s Revenge Tour.

The first introduction on Raw for our new Women’s World Champion Liv Morgan is a backstage interview with Cathy Kelley. Morgan hypes up her and Lynch’s steel cage match later tonight with a solid promo stating the Liv Morgan Revenge Tour is just getting started. Either way, stoked for a main event rematch. Morgan seemed absolutely certain she’s retaining hmmm.

Kiana James interrupts a backstage altercation between Bron Breakker and Adam Pearce, blink and you miss it but Kiana looked great. 

Lyra is backstage slouched inside her locker, disappointed after her loss to Nia Jax. Becky sits down next to her, offers advice and shares a cryptic message hinting at her departure while looking pensive.   And Lyra should invest in some knee pads!

Kairi Sane accompanied by Dakota Kai debut’s new theme music for our first women’s match of the night as she takes on Lyra Valkyria! Don’t have any strong impressions upon first listen but it’s a far cry from her original NXT theme I’ll say that much.

Kairi Sane vs. Lyra Valkyria 

Lyra’s in noticeable pain, and after replaying the Annihilator from QOTR, not hard to imagine why. The match didn’t go for too long but both women looked good with the time given. All of Kairi’s offense connected with Valkyria’s abdomen hard. Good babyface selling. After an Insane Elbow reversal, Valkyria roll’s up Kairi for the win! 

Winner: Lyra Valkyria

IYO SKY is sitting in solitude backstage, walks in comes the rest of Damage Control. SKY snaps and destroys the furniture, stares down her stablemates, and storms out. A faceturn for IYO is on the horizon and considering the way IYO works the crowd during her matches, makes sense. 

Promo airs prior to our main event looking back on Liv Morgan’s tour to becoming champion. Soaking it in as I’m really happy for Liv to have finally made it this point. 

Cathy Kelley with #1 Contenders for the Women’s Tag Team Titles – Shayna and Zoey, Sonya Deville interrupts to make points and continue her reasoning on why she should represent Shayna & Zoey. Alba and Isla (FINALLY) make their presence in the division known, confronting the #1 Contenders. Cute segment, not a single wasted moment. Shayna feels like she’s being built back up again.    

Liv Morgan vs. Becky Lynch

The weight of the world is on Becky’s shoulders as she makes her entrance but Liv is all smiles strutting down to the ring with the championship around her waist. The match in and of itself was good enough, both women were trying to punish the other with countless collisions into the steel cage but the in ring action took a backseat to advancing multiple Judgment Day storylines at once. Dom Dom has the door open, beckoning Becky to escape as the main event draws to a close. Out comes Judgment Day, questioning Dom’s motives but before they can reach a consensus Braun Strowman interrupts, circles the ring and ends up shoving Dom, who is catapulted into the open door, consequently slamming it into Lynch’s face who was about to escape. Liv capitalizes on the chaos, escaping from the cage thus successfully defending her championship.


Becky looks on dejected while Morgan celebrates her victory posing along the aisle as she makes her way up the ramp. As the show comes to a close, Liv comes face to face with Dominik, pauses and smacks a big ole kiss on Dom Dom’s lips to end the show.   

Mami is gonna be pissed!! The main event did exactly what it was supposed to do, Liv’s angle is the biggest talking point coming out of Raw! Interested to see if Lynch really will be taking time off considering her contract is set to expire June 1st. Considering how much Lyra has been built up, I can see her feuding with Liv in honor of Lynch as we wait for Mami to make her return.

What did you think of this week’s Raw?

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