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Live Coverage: SHINE Wrestling Presents “SHINE 7” – Kong vs Rain and More

Diva Dirt presents live coverage of SHINE 7 airing on iPPV tonight, with the main event seeing Rain take on Amazing Kong.

You can order the event by clicking here.

Live results of the show below:

All times are GMT

01:51 AM: The stream is up and running, with a nice video package hyping up tonight’s main event. We’re in for a treat tonight!

02:05 AM: Apparently the show will be starting 15 minutes late due to a problem with one of the turnbuckles. Watch this space!

02:14 AM: And we’re off! Daffney is in the ring looking wonderful in red.

Out come the competitors for the first match. Brittney Savage makes her way to the ring, set to face Heidi Lovelace.

Brittney Savage vs Heidi Lovelace:

Heidi gets on the offense quickly after Savage slaps her, but Savage soon gets control, with a big boot and a neckbreaker for a two-count. They both exchange some kicks and forearms, with Savage taking Lovelace down with another stiff kick to the head. Lovelace counters an Irish whip, driving Savage into the turnbuckle, but Savage dodges the subsequent barge, then knocks Lovelace’s head clean off. Lovelace manages to roll Savage up for two, but Savage replies once again with a huge kick. Lovelace avoids a drop toe hold and hits some dropkicks. The stream cuts out, and we rejoin again as Savage emerges victorious. From the little I saw there, that was a fine match. Savage’s kicks are…well, savage.

Winner: Brittney Savage

02:28 AM: Up next is a three-way dance between Tina San Antonio, La Rosa Negra and Luscious Latasha.

Tina San Antonio vs La Rosa Negra vs Luscious Latasha:

Rosa and Latasha start off working together on Tina, before turning on each other. Rosa applies a headlock on Latasha, then Tina joins in creating a conga line of headlocks. Back on their feet, Tina sends Latasha to the outside, then Rosa takes Tina down with a Thesz press. Latasha, back in the ring, lands a crucifix for two, then a backslide for another two. Tina sends Rosa outside and works Latasha’s upper half with some hard knees and a choke on the ropes before Rosa interferes. In the ring, Tina hits a clothesline then drives Rosa’s head into the turnbuckle. Tosa responds with a back heel kick and a Northern Lights Suplex for a two-count. Latasha returns to the ring and takes them both out with dropkicks, before Rosa hits a powerslam on Latasha, followed by a frogsplash but Latasha avoids it. Out of nowhere, Tina San Antonio hits her finisher on Latasha for the win.

Winner: Tina San Antonio

02:37 AM: Jessie Belle makes her way to the ring, ready to face Santana.

Jessie Belle vs Santana

The pair lock up, exchanging restholds, before Santana breaks the deadlock with a hard elbow, then a Fujiwama armbar, into a bridging hammerlock. Santana continues working the arm, going up top for a flying armdrag. She goes up top again but Jessie catches her, then Santana counters back with a hurricanrana and a dropkick, and Jessie goes outside to recuperate. Santana goes to get her but she falls into Jessie’s trap, who throws her head against the apron and rolls her back into the ring, getting a two-count. Jessie Belle hits some shoulder tackles to Santana in the turnbuckle, but Santana dodges the third one and goes back to Jessie’s arm. Jessie counters, driving Santana back-first into the canvas. Triple hairmare from Jessie, followed by a low dropkick for another near-fall. Jessie then applies an abdominal stretch, and an Irish whip to the turnbuckle. Jessie showboats, but the time costs her as Santana avoids her next dropkick and rolls Jessie up for two. Santana now back in control, with some big clotheslines and a snap suplex for two. Santana goes back to the arm, Jessie counters, Santana goes for a sunset flip but Jessie counters again. Santana comes back, hits an enzuigiri then the Shining Star Press for the win.

Winner: Santana

02:55 AM: Lenny Leonard is in the ring to make some announcements. SHIMMER Women Athletes will be making their iPPV debut on Wrestlemania weekend, while Jessicka Havok will face Reby Sky one more time at the next SHINE show in a Respect vs Career Match.

Next, Daffney announces the newest member of the SHINE roster. And it’s…Angelina Love! Angelina is looking great, and says she’ll be making her SHINE debut next month, before Valkyrie emerge.

Rain takes the mic and calls Angelina a “never-was”. After a couple more threats from Rain, Angelina smiles and leaves the ring, telling Valkyrie “see you next month”. Ivelisse remains in the ring while the rest of Valkyrie make their way to the back. Out comes LuFisto, to a great reception.

03:10 AM: Ivelisse vs LuFisto:

LuFisto starts off strong with some aggressive offense, some big hip tosses and a bodyslam for a two count. She works Ivelisse’s leg, with a reverse single leg Boston Crab, but Ivelisse breaks the hold. Ivelisse hits a hard kick to the midsection followed by a flying crossbody and some stomps to Lufisto’s chest, and another big kick to the back of the head. LuFisto regains control for a little, with a gutbuster and a low dropkick for a two-count. Snapmare by LuFisto then stiff kicks to the back of Ivelisse’s head, followed by a dragon sleeper and a bionic elow. LuFisto then hits some more stiff strikes then a lariat for another two-count. Ivelisse is caught in the ropes, and LuFisto takes advantage, stretching her out then stomping on her face, before going for another pin, but Ivelisse kicks out at two. Back on their feet, Ivelisse hits a flapjack then applies a single-leg crab, but LuFisto manages to reach for the rope. Ivelisse working LuFisto’s leg now, with a legscissor submission manoeuvre, but LuFisto gets the rope again to break the hold. Ivelisse does not relent though, using the ropes to inflict further pain on LuFisto’s leg, followed by a near-fall. Ivelisse grapevines LuFisto’s legs for another submission, but once again LuFisto reaches the ropes. Ivelisse attempts a hurricanrana, but LuFisto counters and hits a massive powerbomb! Both women are down, and the referee begins to count. Both get up at nine, and exchange strikes. LuFisto corners Ivelisse and lands a cannonball senton for a two-count. LuFisto goes up top, but Ivelisse gets up too and they trade blows on the top rope. LuFisto headbutts Ivelisse and hits a brutal double stomp, but Ivelisse kicks out! LuFisto goes for the Burning Hammer, but Ivelisse escapes, hits a superkick, but LuFisto kicks out of that! Ivelisse goes for a guillotine, but LuFisto counters yet again with a suplex! LuFisto goes for the Burning Hammer again, but Ivelisse escapes once more and applies the guillotine, but its countered into a sharpshooter! Ivelisse grabs the rope and the match continues. All of a sudden, Made in Sin enter the ring, distracting LuFisto, and allowing Ivelisse to hit her finishing move for the victory.

Winner: Ivelisse

03:25 AM: Made in Sin celebrate in the ring with Ivelisse, as LuFisto returns to the back, outraged.

Su Yung, Tracy Taylor and Mia Yim enter the ring ready to face Made in Sin. Two people called Taylor in one match? Great, this isn’t going to be confusing at all…

Made in Sin (Allysin Kay, Taylor Made and April Hunter) vs Su Yung, Tracy Taylor and Mia Yim:

Yung and Hunter start off the proceedings, before Made in Sin team up on Yung in the corner. All six women get into the ring and chaos ensues. Made in Sin retreat to the outside and Yim takes a risk, hitting a suicide dive to all three of them. Tracy Taylor now in control of…er, Taylor (Made, that is), before Hunter interferes. Tracy Taylor soon finds herself surrounded by her opponents and with a significant numerical disadvantage. Made in Sin making quick tags in and out, keeping Tracy Taylor isolated in their corner. Taylor, to her credit, fights back but Hunter stays one step ahead, with some excellent catch-as-catch-can wrestling. Mia Yim manages to tag herself in, and her and Su Yung work together to take out Hunter. Taylor Made and Yim now the legal women, with Yim hitting a German suplex for a two-count. Taylor Made now in the ring with the three faces, who get some hard offense in. Yim hits a moonsault but the rest of Made in Sin break up the pin. Another all-out brawl opens up, and when the dust clears, Yim and Taylor Made are still the legal women, and Allysin Kay enters the ring as the two hit the Eighth Deady Sin on Yim for the victory.

Winners: Made in Sin

Daffney is back in the ring, singing the praises of the venue’s bar. Out come the participants for the next match, Mercedes Martinez and Nikki Roxx.

03:43 AM: Mercedes Martinez vs Nikki Roxx:

A lockup to start, but Martinez gets the upper hand early on with some unforgiving forearms. Roxx comes back with some shoulder blocks and a body slam for two. Martinez gets back in control, grounding Roxx with some hard right hands. Martinez then drives Roxx into the turnbuckle, followed by a snapmare takedown for another near-fall. A short sequence of counters and clotheslines, followed by another two-count. Martinez then chokes Roxx out on the ropes, but Roxx, galvanised, hits some right hands before Martinez overpowers her, driving her knee into Roxx’s face. Martinez lands two of the Three Amigos followed by a big boot, then another. The pair have a trade-off of big boots, which looks fun, before both taking each other out at the same time. The ref begins the double-count, with Roxx up at eight and Mercedes at nine. Roxx pushes Martinez out of the ring, and she takes a nasty fall to the floor. Roxx rolls her back in, lands a lariat then drives her face into all four turnbuckles. Roxx continues her offense, with some hard right hands and a fallaway slam for a two-count. Roxx goes for the Barbie Crusher, Martinez counters into a sunset flip, Roxx kicks out but Martinez switches to an ankle lock. Roxx misses the enzuigiri counter, Martinez goes for a fisherman buster but Roxx rolls her up for two, then hits a jawbreaker for another two. Martinez goes for the fisherman buster, but Roxx counters and plants Martinez with the Barbie Crusher for the three-count.

Winner: Nikki Roxx

03:54 AM: Up next is a Last Woman Standing match, between Leva Bates and Kimberly. What the hell is Leva wearing? I’m not even going to ask.

Last Woman Standing Match – Leva Bates vs Kimberly:

Kimberly looks like she’s going a bit crazy. Leva starts off the offense with some powder to Kimberly’s face. No disqualifications here, remember. Leva gets a fire extinguisher and aims it right in Kimberly’s face. Leva asserts control early on, attacking Kimberly with…a pumpkin, I think, before sending her into the ring post, and the ref begins counting while Leva gets a chair. Kimberly gets up, and Leva throws herself off the stage straight onto her, and goes back to the fire extinguisher, but Kimberly snatches it off her and attacks her with it, then rolls her into the ring. Kimberly with a Samoan drop to Leva. Kimberly’s mouth is bleeding already, as she chokes Leva with the noose Leva came into the ring with. Kimberly counters Leva’s superkick attempt and hits a swinging neckbreaker, then a painful-looking Gory Bomb onto the chair in the ring. Snap suplex by Kimberly, who takes a seat in the middle of the ring while Leva’s down for the count, but Leva gets up and hits some hard forearms followed by big kick to the chest. Leva goes to the top rope and double stomps Kimberly in the back, then uses the noose herself on Kimberly. On the outside, Leva whips Kimberly into the wall, takes a swig of a punter’s beer and spits it in Kimberly’s face, before climbing onto a counter and kicking Kimberly square in the jaw. Leva misses the superkick and Kimberly lands a bulldog on Leva into the ring steps. Kimberly misses with the pumpkin, but gets it right second time round. Back in the ring, Kimberly is setting Leva up on the top rope, landing a gorilla slam to the canvas on Leva. Kimberly gets a chair but Leva superkicks it into her face, sending Kimberly back to the floor. Both women are down, and the referee begins counting. Leva gets up at nine, while Kimberly stays down. Leva wins.

Winner: Leva Bates

04:11 AM: Kimberly interrupts Leva’s post-match celebration, taking her out from behind and applying the Texas Cloverleaf. The referees try and prise the two apart, finally succeeding. Kimberly looks psychotic, staring at the mask Leva entered the ring wearing, and holding it up as she heads to the back.

04:15 AM: Rain and the other members of Valkyrie head to the ring. Out comes to Kong, to her usual huge pop from the crowd.

Rain vs Amazing Kong:

Rain escapes to the outside as soon as the match begins, and convenes with her Valkyrie comrades. After some…er, moral support, she comes back in…but not for long. After a few more teases, including an attempt at getting a guy from the crowd to take her place, Rain re-enters the ring and they square up. Kong all over Rain early on, throwing her around the ring willy-nilly. Rain gets some offense, taking Kong down with a kick to the shins followed by a DDT for a two count. Rain tries to keep Kong down, but Kong simply absorbs the damage and gets back up. Kong throws Rain into the turnbuckle and barges straight into her, then Rain counters with a jawbreaker and a series of dropkicks in the turnbuckle. Rain now with some hard forearms, avoids Kong’s spinning backfist, but Kong doesn’t miss next time, with a scoop slam and a big splash for a near-fall. Kong goes early for the Implant Buster, but Rain escapes, and lunges for Kong, who dodges, and Rain takes out the ref. Kong hits a spinning backfist, and the rest of Valkyrie enter and team up against Kong. Kong fends them off, then Rain throws the chair at Kong and does an Eddie Guerrero, falling to the ground. The ref comes too and rings the bell for a DQ.

Winner (by disqualification): Rain

04:29 AM: The remaining members of Valkyrie come in and pounce on Kong, before the face members of the SHINE roster enter to make the save. Valkyrie head to the back together, with smiles on their faces. This feud continues!

And so ends my live coverage of SHINE 7! I’ll have a full review up tomorrow, but now it’s 4:30 in the morning, and that means bedtime. Thanks for joining us!

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