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Live Coverage: SHINE Wrestling Presents “SHINE 8”

Diva Dirt presents live coverage of SHINE 8 airing on iPPV tonight, with the main event of Valkyrie’s Rain, Ivelisse, Allysin Kay and Taylor Made versus Amazing Kong, Angelina Love, Mia Yim and Christina Von Eerie.

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Live results of the show below:

All times are GMT.

11:25 PM: The stream is up and running, airing some of the hype videos for tonight’s matches. Reby Sky vs Jessicka Havok in particular looks like it’s going to be awesome.

11:33 PM: And we’re off! Daffney is looking incredible as always, in brilliant green.

11:36 PM: The first match of the night is between Nikki St John and Luscious Latasha.

Nikki St John vs Luscious Latasha:

Nikki St John is still wearing her glasses. Fair enough. Latasha gets the upper hand early on with some hard chops and a crossbody for a two-count. The pair exchange blows for a bit, before Nikki reverses Latasha’s Irish whip and takes her down for a two-count. before a belly-to-back suplex for another two. Latasha retaliates with a chinbreaker, followed up by some dropkicks and an enzuigiri for another near-fall, before Nikki hits a bulldog out of nowhere for the three-count. Very quick match.

Winner: Nikki St John

Nikki St John was wearing her glasses for the duration of the match. Fantastic stuff.

11:45 PM: Brittney Savage is up next, facing Su Yung in singles action.

Brittney Savage vs Su Yung:

The pair start off with some nice mat work, showing off their technical prowess. Su Yung being much more aggressive than usual, working Savage’s arm and shoulder, before Savage returns the favour and goes back to the headlock, followed by a shoulder block but Yung counters with a drop toe hold. Savage regains control after using the ropes to her advantage, then hits a snapmare and starts using Su Yung’s hair as a weapon to choke her. Savage goes for a pinfall but Yung counters with one of her own, but only a near-fall. Savage then gets Yung into an abdominal stretch in the centre of the ring, but Yung counters with a spinning side slam. Savage tries to respond but Yung goes for a clothesline, then a bulldog but Savage reverses it for a two-count. Savage then applies a camel clutch, but Yung fights back and snapmares her out and attempts the figure-four. Savage tries to escape and we have a stand-off. Both run to each other and crash to the floor. The two exchange blows in the ring, and Yung hits successive hairmares. Savage rolls Yung up out of nowhere for two, Yung responds with a two-count crucifix, followed by a drop-toe hold into Yellow Fever, and Savage taps.

Winner: Su Yung

00:00 AM: Brandi Wine makes her way to the ring, with Malia Hosaka making a surprise appearance in her corner. Brandi will be facing Jayme Jameson in singles action.

Brandi Wine vs Jayme Jameson:

Things start off slowly, with an exchange of restholds. Hosaka accidentally takes out Brandi after some clever counter-wrestling from Jameson, and Brandi retreats to the outside to catch her breath. Back in the ring, Jameson, gains control with two catapults, the second sending Brandi to the outside again. When we return to the ring, Brandi finally gets some offense in, followed up with a camel clutch with Hosaka providing leverage unbeknownst to the ref. Brandi then applies a bodyscissors, which is broken up, then followed by some stiff strikes before Jameson gets put into the tree of woe, and Hosaka yet again takes advantage of the situation. Jameson counters a pinfall attempt with a sunset flip, followed by a big clothesline and dropkick to Brandi for the two-count. Jameson then hits a crossbody, but the ref doesn’t see the pinfall because of Hosaka’s distraction. When the dust clears, Jameson still has control, with a snapmare into a rear chinlock, but Brandi lifts her up and takes her into the corner, only for Jameson to regain control and hit some hard forearms on the top rope. Jameson gets Irish-whipped, takes out Hosaka on the outside then rolls up Brandi for the win.

Winner: Jayme Jameson

00:17 AM: Sojo Bolt and Santana are out next.

Sojo Bolt vs Santana:

Sojo starts off very aggressively, with some hard strikes, before Santana comes back with a Thesz press and some forearms of her own, followed by a Russian leg sweep for a two-count. Santana then applies a Fujiwama armbar, but Sojo escapes and heads to the outside. Santana teased a suicide dive, but bluffs it and hits a baseball slide dropkick, and the fight goes out of the ring briefly. Back inside, Sojo hits a rope-hung bulldog for a near-fall. Santana tries to fight back but Sojo takes her down again for two, and continues her assault, with a vertical suplex for another two, and another…and another. Sojo still in control, stretching Santana’s arms out and with a knee to the back, before almost accidentally pinning herself with her submission attempt. Santana escapes, hits some dropkicks and a suplex for two, then a handspring elbow, but Sojo retaliates with an STO for another near-fall. Sojo goes up top, but Santana hits back with an enzuguiri and climbs up the turnbuckle herself. She gets knocked down, has another go attempting a headscissors but is countered again, and Sojo lands a lovely Senton bomb, but Santana kicks out! Sojo goes for a fireman’s carry but Santana reverses with a backheel kick and hits the Shining Star Press for the win.

Winner: Santana

00:30 AM: We take a short break with a nice little music video package, showing some of the best action SHINE has to offer.

00:33 AM: We’re back. The next match has a 69-minute time limit, and is between the veterans Mercedes Martinez and Nikki Roxx in a rematch of their match at SHINE 7.

Mercedes Martinez vs Nikki Roxx:

Some excellent chain wrestling to start this contest off. Neither getting any real momentum, but doing it brilliantly, if that makes sense. Finally things start to burst into life, with Martinez hitting a series of forearms, but Roxx reversing with a crossbody and some clotheslines, followed by a running neckbreaker for a two-count. Roxx now in control, dodging Martinez’s big boot and rolling her up for two, before Martinez counters for a two-count of her own. Martinez now with some hard rams to Roxx’s abdomen in the corner, then stepping on her chest. Martinez drags Roxx to the centre, hits a hard elbow drop and applies a beautiful surfboard variant, but Roxx counters magnificently into an ankle lock! Martinez looks helpless, but somehow manages to kick her way out of it. Martinez goes back in control now, with a verticle suplex for two, followed by two of the Three Amigos, before Roxx reverses with a dropkick, and both fall to the floor. Martinez hits a chinbreaker, but Roxx responds with a rolling elbow and a spinning backfist, and a huge fallaway slam for a near-fall. Mercedes hits some headbutts to Roxx, then a Saito suplex, but Roxx kicks out at two. Martinez continues with some hard fists and sets up the Fisherman Buster but Roxx reverses with a spinebuster for yet another two-count. Roxx goes for the Barbie Crusher but Mercedes scrapes Roxx’s eyes and hits the Fisherman Buster for the three-count.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez

00:51 AM: Before Martinez and Roxx have even left the ring, Leva Bates and Kimberly rush out and start their match. Thanks for giving me time to prepare, guys.

Fans Bring Weapons/I Quit Match – Leva Bates vs Kimberly:

I return to the live stream to find Kimberly smashing the ring bell on Leva’s head. The pair continue brawling on the outside. In the ring, the pair rummage through a dustbin to find weapons. Kimberly gets out a lightsaber, Leva a hockey stick. Neither prove very effective, so they go back to mano a mano, Kimberly hitting a huge scoop slam on Leva, followed by a baseball slide dropkick sending Leva to the front row. Kimberly sends Leva into the ring post, but misses a chair shot. Leva regains control, choking Kimberly with a chair while ominous music starts playing for no reason whatsoever. Both exchange strikes with that toy baseball bat Daffney was holding earlier, then Leva hits a Pedigree (!) to Kimberly onto the soundsystem, followed by a flying Thesz press to the floor, but Kimberly responds with a DDT. Leva then gets a towel and tries to choke Kimberly again, and the pair exchange strikes yet again. Leva gets the chair again, but Kimberly kicks her in the midsection and rolls her back into the ring. Kimberly sprays something into Leva’s face, Irish whips her into the turnbuckle and smashes a baking tray into Leva’s head! Leva is dangling helplessly on the ropes, and Kimberly takes advantage applying a cloverleaf. Somehow, Leva manages to get the chair and break the hold by driving it straight into Kimberly’s face, before hitting a rope-hung DDT. Leva hits a backbreaker and goes for a modified camel clutch, but Kimberly escapes the submission and hits Leva in the stomach with a rolling pin. Kimberly then went for a sitout facebuster but Leva reverses with a victory roll into the turnbuckle. Leva gets out a pair of handcuffs and the two fight over them. Kimberly gets one cuff locked onto Leva, then the second, after a long struggle. Leva’s hands are tied behind her back, and Kimberly is free to do as she pleases. She puts a bin over Leva’s head, and hits some brutal kicks, before getting the rolling pin out, but Leva has somehow escaped the handcuffs. Kimberly responds by getting the bin over Leva’s head again and brutally striking her upper half with the rolling pin. Kimberly then grabs a rope and starts choking Leva and tying her to the ring ropes. Leva is helpless once more, and Kimberly viciously strikes Leva in the head with a baking tray. Leva is out cold, and the referee rings the bell.

Winner: Kimberly

01:10 AM: A video package airs, hyping the forthcoming Reby Sky vs Jessicka Havok match.

01:15 AM:  That match is next!

Career vs Respect – Reby Sky vs Jessicka Havok:

Havok is unimpressed, offering Reby the chance to leave while she still can. Reby responds with a slap. Havok lunges, but Reby starts off strong with some flying fists, before Havok escapes. Sky comes back in though, which a crossbody, but Havok catches her and drives her back-first into the ring post outside. Havok now has the upper hand, choking Reby on the ropes. Havok goes for a big boot but Reby escapes and hits some hard forearms to the kidneys, followed by a Backstabber for a two-count. Havok gets back up and pulls Reby’s legs out from under her while Reby was on the middle rope, then goes for a Boston Crab, but Reby gets the rope. Havok continuing to manhandle Reby Sky here, with some stiff strikes to the side and back, followed by a big leg drop right across the rope. Havok now with a modified full nelson, but Reby counters with a rollup for two, and Havok takes Reby out again with a clothesline. Reby continues to be resilient, Havok hitting a backbreaker for another two-count. Reby tries to throw some forearms, but Havok is too much for her. Havok locks in a submission hold, but Sky escapes yet again. Havok trash talks Reby, who responds with a headscissors takedown. Havok soon comes back into control, with a powerbomb  into a pinfall, with Reby kicking out at two and countering with a facebuster for a two-count. Reby goes for the Twist of Fate, Havok counters, Reby counters again and hits it this time! One, two…Havok kicks out at two and a half! Reby looks desperate. She runs towards Havok but she dodges and Reby takes out the referee! With the referee out of action Havok attempts to capitalize with the chair, but Sky counters and hits a Twist of Fate onto the chair for the victory!

Winner: Reby Sky

01:32 AM: Daffney enters the ring and asks if Jessicka Havok has anything to say. Reby extends her hand. Havok bites the bullet and admits she respects Reby, but with the caveat that she doesn’t necessarily have to like her as a result. Reby is ecstatic.

00:34 AM: Time for the main event. The members of Valkyrie (sans April Hunter) make their way to the ring, and cut a heel promo bigging themselves up. I love this stable.

Rain, Ivelisse, Allysin Kay and Taylor Made vs Amazing Kong, Angelina Love, Christina Von Eerie and Mia Yim:

The faces are in the ring now. Valkyrie are outside, having a team talk. Back in the ring we have Angelina Love and Rain, who are exchanging strikes. Love gets the upper hand with some clotheslines and a big powerslam. Love goes up top and sunset flips Rain for a two-count. Rain tags in Ivelisse, while Love tags in Von Eerie, who counters Ivelisse with a huge enzuguiri then tags in Mia Yim and the pair trade kicks for a short while. Finally Yim misses one and Ivelisse takes advantage with a huge kick to the chest for two. Ivelisse then locks in the headlock, followed by a leg whip. Taylor Made gets tagged in, driving her shoulder into Yim’s abdomen, then hitting a stiff kick to the back. Enter Allysin Kay. Valkyrie isolating Mia Yim in their corner in shrewd heel fashion. Allysin Kay now applying a straitjacket with a knee to the back, and a brutal kick to the head. Yim escapes and replies with some kicks of her own, but Kay grabs her leg and hits a beautiful powerbomb counter-attack for the two-count. In comes Rain, who hits some hard strikes to Yim before getting on the recieving end of a spinning heel kick. Finally Mia Yim makes the tag to Kong, who cleans house, taking out Rain with a huge spinning backfist. Everyone enters the ring, and there’s chaos, surprise surprise. Everybody brawling on the outside now. This is ridiculous. Plenty of chairs involved, let’s just put it that way. Finally, action returns to the ring and there’s at least some semblance of order. Rain is the legal woman, unaware that Kong is directly behind her. Rain quickly becomes aware and tags in Kay, who feels Kong’s wrath. Von Eerie is tagged in, and hits the Graveyard Smash but Rain breaks up the pin. Angelina Love then comes in and hits an STO-type move, before Taylor Made enters and hits a DDT, only for Yim to come in, and hit a big suplex followed by a moonsault! Kong comes in, Made in Sin attempt to double DDT her but Kong responds with a double suplex. Ivelisse then levels the score with a missile dropkick. Christina Von Eerie and Taylor Made are the legal women. Eerie hits a suplex but Kay breaks up the pinfall. Made in Sin then hit the 8th Deadly on Christina Von Eerie, for the three-count.

Winners: Rain, Ivelisse, Allysin Kay and Taylor Made

01:58 AM: The remaining faces come to Von Eerie’s aid after the match and take out the Valkyrie members. Kharma then vents her anger on Ivelisse, as the remaining people in Valkyrie watch on from the outside. The show ends with the faces celebrating as they leave the ring.

That’s all for tonight! Check back tomorrow for a full review, but until then, goodnight everyone!

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