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Lola Vice Turns On Baszler After Main Event Loss! Wendy Choo Set For NXT Return

After a day off due to personal emergencies, Phonie is back baby! And we’re getting right into it because NXT is starting off with a qualifying match to crown the inaugural Women’s North American Champion!

NXT Women’s North American Title Qualifier: Thea Hail vs. Fallon Henley 

Match starts with both women mouthing off to each other, and we go right into some intense exchanges! Out of all the qualifying matches we’ve seen thus far, I’d say this is the most unpredictable as an argument could be made for either women on why they deserve to be in the match. Honestly, with the match these two women were having you’d think this was a grudge match. Clever spot where Fallon frames Ridge Holland with the chair in his hand which gets all of Chase U ejected from ringside. 

Back from the break, Fallon has taken control and she’s doing great here. I’m not going to lie, her heel turn has only made me like Henley more which is counterproductive to be honest as there’s nothing heelish about her. The story for Thea though is the one they’re telling with Ridge, Fallon hits a shining wizard for the win!

Winner: Fallon Henley

Thea can’t catch a break because Jazmyn Nyx is in the ring with a post match attack on Hail. That all white bodysuit was a choice but the story here is Jazzy is avenging Jacy, not gonna complain about follow up! 

NXT Women’s North American Title Qualifier: Brinley Reece vs. Jaida Parker

This rematch proves to be the best bout so far between these two. From what we’ve seen of Jaida thus far, she’s been presented as a dominant competitor in the ring. In this match, we got to see more of Reece’s aggression and sense of competitiveness. Brinley really turned up the volume here and showed herself to be more than a Lisa Frank fanatic. An argument could be made that there were other women in the division that should’ve been put into qualifying matches over either of these two, but I’m a fan of both and of this match. Jaida hits the hip check and advances.

Winner: Jaida Parker

Jazmyn approaches Fallon in the parking lot and gives her a vote of confidence. Potential pairing between the two? 


Very short vignette but so happy that she’s returning! 

Natalya & Karmen vs. Shayna & Lola

Prior to the match starting there was a backstage promo with Shayna and Lola with Shayna warning Lola to keep the rolling hips in the lockerroom.

Onto the main event, really fun tag match between these four with Nattie and Karmen gelling really well together. Karmen stood out the most to me in this match, you could tell she was eager to prove herself amongst her peer and two veterans. She’s also very emotive in her facial expressions. Lola looked good too but nothing deviating too much for her recent performances. Story here was how much better Nattie and Karmen worked together as a tag team and believe it or not, that type of cohesion actually helped the team win the match. Karmen pins Lola after the double team tribute to the Hart Foundation Nattie has pulled off with so many other divas before. I swear Nattie can team with anyone and make it work. 

Winners: Natalya & Karmen

After the match, Shayna is disappointed in Lola but Lola blindsides the Queen of Spades with a spinning backfist before taunting her with shaking her ass while Shayna lays there motionless. Lola taunts a little too long though because as she’s leaving, Shayna drags her ass back in the ring and locks in the Kirafuda Clutch while officials rush to ringside to breakup the two superstars. Match is made official for Battleground, it’s going to be in an NXT Underground rules.

Fun NXT show once again, but missing the champ Roxanne Perez. There’s a lot of other things happening within the women’s division but the champ feels like an afterthought with Ava has to rely on main roster talent to work with Perez while the division establishes new challengers. Tegan Nox is the rumored opponent for Perez so that should be a good match.

Next week we also have Sexyy Red coming to NXT! Looking forward to seeing what she brings to the show.

We also have the following to look forward to:

-WWE NXT Women’s North American Title Qualifier: Wren Sinclair vs. Kelani Jordan

-WWE NXT Women’s North American Title Qualifier: Tatum Paxley vs. Michin

– Sexyy Red 

– Roxanne will learn who will be challenging for the NXT Women’s Championship at Battleground

So until then, have a great week everyone and if you’re celebrating the holiday happy MDW!

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