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Lucha Underground Analysis (April 13th, 2016): Lotus Lies, Taya Tussles

It’s my favorite time of the week – we’re off to The Temple! This Wednesday, we saw Black Lotus and Catrina backstage in some interesting predicaments, while Taya was in Dario Cueto‘s office and the ring in another one of The Boss’ cray-cray Trios Tournament matches. Thankfully this week, one of the teams actually makes perfect sense and will make everyone feel warm inside after watching them. Oh, and did I mention Taya’s match is the main event too? LU is continuing to knock those barriers right down! Or as they would reply: “what gender barriers? They never existed here!”

Our cutthroat Canadian Taya is first on our agenda, as her segment with Dario, Johnny Mundo and Cage is first up. Believe it or not, those three are teaming up tonight. A big fat LOL! I also nearly wet myself after Dario interrupted Cage’s catchphrase. Brilliant!

Second in the spotlight tonight is Black Lotus. She is approached outside of Dario’s office by El Dragon Azteca Jr. The show has finally explained that these two do in fact know each other. You would think so considering they’re both pretty new to the game and had the same trainer. What wasn’t so straight forward though was what Black Lotus said to him. What a barefaced minx!

Catrina is back again this week, and she’s ready to give Mil Muertes a pep talk. Mil has a rematch for the Lucha Underground Championship next week against Matanza. Unstoppable Force vs More or Less an Immovable Object next week then! If anyone can get Mil rallied up though, it’s the Mistress of Macabre with that wicked tongue of hers!

Last but certainly not least, Taya, Johnny Mundo and Cage square off against El Dragon Azteca Jr, Prince Puma and Rey Mysterio. I had a feeling this one was going to be lit.

Thoughts: That main event was on fire! The crowd made it even more memorable, with the closing five minutes or so absolutely jaw dropping. Taya hung around easily with the boys, taking major punishment. I never thought I would see Rey Mysterio wrestle a woman, but it was glorious. Him hitting Taya with a seated Denton from the apron was crazy. Vampire is right in that Taya doesn’t even blink, she just gets on with the task at hand. Another loss is not the best for her, but at least she didn’t take the pinfall this time. Definitely one of Season 2’s biggest standouts so far that match.

The most intriguing development this week was of course, the continuation of Black Lotus’ story. What an absolute cow lying to El Dragon like that! She’s been mixing with those Cueto Brothers for too long – she is tainted! I excited to see her web of lies unfold. The eventual match between her and El Dragon Jr will be amazing. I do wonder if we see her question whether killing El Dragon was the right move, so hopefully more of her relationship with Dario and Matanza will be fleshed out. I was just happy to see the story progress this week as I was starting to get worried. As always though, Lucha Underground came through for me.

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