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Lucha Underground Analysis (April 20th, 2016): Catrina Lights a Major New Fire


The Luchadoras of the Temple were around to plant some big time seeds this week, all of which will have major consequences next week, with one potentially altering the Lucha Underground landscape for months to come. The soil has been fertilized and the stalks are beginning to grow. While we will get to see some gruesome flowers blossom next week, let’s branch out and view this week’s budding segments.

Up first this week, it is Lucha Underground’s resident firecracker, Taya. She approaches Johnny Mundo in a gym outside of the Temple. She tells him she approached Dario Cueto like he asked, demanding he give Johnny one right away. Unfortunately for Mr. Mundo, Dario wouldn’t do such a thing. He’s making Johnny work for one, inside a steel cage… against Cage. *Gulp* Taya says that Johnny has nothing to worry about because he will shut that ‘machine’ down, permanently. Good luck with that one you two!

On the agenda next is one of my favorite people in wrestling – Catrina. She accompanies the Disciples of Death – aka that one, the other and the one with the unnecessarily long name. They have one last chance to impress Mil Muertes against Jack Evans, PJ Black and Fenix. Guess what? They didn’t impress and lost. Oh dear.

Up next, Dario throws quite the spanner in the works for Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico. Instead of the trios tournament concluding like last year’s in a traditional format, Ive and her boys will compete in a four-way, 12 luchador tag team match for the belts, and it’ll all go down next week. OH. MY. ACTUAL. GOD.

Catrina’s second moment in the spotlight occurs next and it is not looking good for the Disciples. They emerge from lightning and Catrina’s thunderous tongue shocks them into a panic. Catrina asks for one good reason why she shouldn’t destroy all three of them. Dramatic music ensues as the fella in the purple mask (I can’t remember either) attacks his two cohorts, ripping out their hearts!

Wait, he did what now?

HE PHYSICALLY RIPPED THEIR HEARTS OUT. Aortas and everything. The left ventricle, the lot. If the alive guy was eating something similar to the other, I’d be getting checked out if I were him. Black, gooey hearts? Yuck. I guess that now takes our Lucha Underground Murder Tally to 7: Bael, the original El Dragon Azteca, the three guys Matanza murdered at the illegal fighting ring and now two of the Disciples of Death. There’s something strange in the Temple’s water!

Anyway, it looks Catrina has herself a dangerous new plaything. Let’s hope the guy left standing isn’t the one with the long name. To quote Sweet Brown, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Finally, Catrina accompanies Mil Muertes for his Lucha Underground Championship rematch. Catrina actually got physical as well, striking Matanza in the back of the head. YAAAAAS Queen! In the end, both blokes end up crashing through the roof of Dario’s office. HOLY. POO.

Thoughts: Next week’s four corners Trios match is going to be absolutely unreal. Ivelisse mixing it up with 11 other competitors – Joey Ryan and The Crew, PJ Black, Jack Evans and Fenix, and El Dragon Azteca, Prince Puma and Rey Mysterio – will simply be awesome. For her team to win would be the title defense of all title defenses. How amazing for a female competitor to get an opportunity of that magnitude. Bring it on!

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