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Main Event Redux (April 19th, 2016): London Summer Crushes

It’s Main Event Redux time! It has been a few weeks now since we’ve seen any female Superstars action on WWE’s C+ programming. On this week’s edition of Main Event Redux, we have Summer Rae taking on Alicia Fox. Let’s see how these single representative members of Team Total Divas and Team B.A.D and Blonde do battle post WrestleMania.

After the introductions and entrances are made, the women begin with a tie-up. Summer wins the first bout for control, tossing Foxy’s head to the mat with a hair pull. When Alicia gets back on her feet, Summer slides behind her for a grapple but Alicia breaks free from the grasp by getting a hold of Summer’s arm. She sends Summer to the ropes, only to be knocked down again by a countering shoulder block. “Cause that’s how I do this!” yells out Summer.

Summer take a second trip to the ropes but Alicia is ready this time, evading Summer’s offense until she can hit a handstand tilt-a-whirl headscissors. “That’s how we do this ” shouts out Alicia in response to Summer after taken down. The women take this match to a ring corner, where Alicia jumps to the top rope but has a bad falling thanks to a spinning kick from Summer. Summer continues to make use of her legs by choking Alicia on the second with the use of them, breaking the illegal hold when the official gets close to the five second DQ count.

After tossing Alicia across the ring, Summer goes for the first pin cover of the match, earning a two count. Summer applies a grounded headlock hold that keeps Alicia down. Foxy toughens through the rest hold and rolls up Summer when an opening opportunity strikes. Summer kicks out at two. Alicia goes for a second pin attempt after hitting Summer with a triple kick and Northern Lights Suplex combination. Summer kicks out at two once again. “Not today!” shouts a determined Alicia Fox, who goes for her scissors kick finisher to Summer. Summer dodges this and tries to hit a spinning kick but Alicia ducks in time.

The back and forth evasions comes to an end when a misstep from Alicia allows Summer to set up the Summer Crush, putting away Alicia for the three count and win!

Thoughts: It’s great to see the women be featured on Main Event again. WWE has plenty of programming as its disposal, so it’s always nice when they can spread out some of the talent who may not always be featured on Raw or Smackdown.

I did find this match being too short but it was a treat for what it was. Alicia and Summer have great working chemistry and the little out loud antics helped add some character to the match. These two have had to share their time in constant multi-women style matches, so it’s refreshing to see them competing in one-on-one matches again. Summer pulls off the Summer Crush impressively and Alicia is just a master when it comes to selling!

Main Event has been that building block for the Total Divas vs. Team B.A.D and Blonde match at WrestleMania, so why not use it again as a way to carry on more potential feuds in the works?

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