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Lucha Underground Analysis (February 17th, 2016): Sexy Star Escapes… Or Does She?

It’s Thursday, and that can only mean one thing – a return to The Temple for another installment of pro wrestling’s most innovative product, Lucha Underground! Catrina was unfortunately nowhere to be seen this week, but we did get to see Ivelisse in trios tag team action to numb the pain. Sexy Star made a return too, escaping where she was being held captive. Although she made it back to the temple, did Marty ‘The Moth’ and his sister make it too?

Sexy’s escape is the first segment of the entire show, and we see a distressed Star dash and clash around a corridor:

She bumps into The Mack, who asks her what is wrong. He asks who has done this to you, to which Sexy replies “The Moth”. Mack says he is going to kill Marty, but she says it wasn’t him… it was her! Sexy points out of view and The Mack pulls his best shocked face, an expression of a Days of Our Lives standard. Who is Marty’s sister, and why does she look so shocking?!

There is more from Sexy later, but for one, it is time for our opening contest. Ivelisse is back, recovered from her history-making encounter with Mil Muertes three weeks ago. The “Baddest Bitch” teams with her boys Son of Havoc and Angelico to take on Chavo Guerrero and The Crew – Mr. Cisco and Cortez Castro:

Last week, it was revealed that Cortez is in fact an undercover cop, and his colleague is none other than Joey Ryan. LOL. Who knew Joey had been keeping his day job a secret all this time? ;) God, I love Lucha Underground.

Angelico starts off the match and after roughing up Cisco a little, Ivelisse is tagged in. She kicks Cisco in his shoulder before pulling on it again during an armdrag. He tags in Castro, who gets blasted with MMA kicks in the corner. Castro shrugs Ive off, but she reverses a suplex attempt and dishes out more punishment with a barrage of knees. Really hard-hitting stuff here! The roughness continues when Castro decks Ivelisse with a straight right hand, flooring her ready for Chavo to take over.

Chavo stands on Ivelisse’s face before distracting the referee so that The Crew can rake Ivelisse’s face. Nice guys! A snapmare later and Ivelisse hits back, cracking Chavo with a lovely side kick to the face. Ivelisse is grabbed by Cisco who was just tagged in next. She misses an enziguri but still manages to push Cisco off, allowing Son of Havoc to make the hot tag!

This is one of those super tag matches that has two hot tags, as Havoc gets taken out before he can seal the deal with a win. Ivelisse is seen again hitting a crossbody when all three of the former trios champions dive to the outside on their foes. A short time later Angelico ties up the loose ends and bag them a victory!

Finally at the end of the episode, we see Sexy running away once again inside The Temple:

THEN THE VIDEO CUTS OFF THE ENDING! We can’t be picky though as the video was uploaded within hours unlike last week’s which took 45 days. I haven’t been able to find the video’s ending, but looking at tweets, Marty’s sister still isn’t revealed. Hopefully the secret will be out by next week!

Thoughts: A super fun match this week! Ivelisse was treated with respect and her offense was so believable, I really enjoyed it. Ivelisse is treated as an equal, if not the leader of her faction and that is great to see. I feel that she goes get outshone when it comes to aerial offense compared to her two partners but I think she is the strongest when telling a story. A cool match that saw the three fan favorites overcome old foes to put them back in title contention.

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