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Lucha Underground Analysis (January 28th & February 4th, 2015): Black Lotus Arrives, Catrina Controls & the Baddest Bitch Has a Problem


Just as a heads up for the double header — being that Lucha Underground is a little short on women’s action for the time being, if we go a week without a match, I may hold off and do these bi-weekly just so we have a bit more to talk about and obsess over (case in point, the combined greatness of the past two showings)!

Let’s kick things off with last week, which first saw us spot Catrina as she accompanied Mil Muertes to the ring against Fenix:

The upset! The streak! This is not going to sit well with Mil. Could trouble be brewing for he and Catrina?

From there, we skip all the way to the end of last week’s episode, as we head to Dario Cueto in his office:

Dario peeks outside the blinds, watching the destructive finish to Prince Puma’s Lucha Underground title defense against the monster, Cage.

Okay, I just jumped.

Suddenly!~ Angela Fong throws him back into a chair and stands before him. She’s looking for a man… a man that owes her. He asks who, but she crouches over him and states that she knows he’s here in the temple. Dario gives her the freedom to question the entire roster, then asking for a name as to who the man is. She replies by delivering only one word…


He doesn’t know what that means, which sparks her to get up and disappear from his office to close this episode. So freaking badass!

Now onto this week, which begins with Son of Havoc (and Ivelisse in his corner) taking on Angelico:

Havoc and Ivelisse stand in the ring as she’s handed a microphone (and I cry tears of joy). She tells the crowd to shut up because she has something on her mind! She is TIRED of reading all the tweets on social media about Son of Havoc. People think he sucks? Well she doesn’t date losers, so if anyone has a problem with him, they’ve got a problem with the BADDEST BITCH IN THIS BUILDING.

His opponent makes his way out to the ring next, Angelico! The two have an excellent back and forth match, which culminates when Ivelisse hops onto the ring apron to give Havoc a kiss. Angelico climbs back into the ring and tries to attack him, but he moves and he almost collides with Ivy! He stops himself though, as Havoc then almost bumps into Ivelisse as well before stopping short. Son of Havoc attempts a roll up as Angelico tries to kiss Ivelisse, but she slaps him right in the face! Roll up commences, as Angelico kicks out and sends Havoc spearing Ivelisse right off the ring apron! Roll up! Three count! Angelico gets the win as Ivelisse is NOT going to be happy. She shoves Havoc away and walks backstage on her own. Oh dear.

Backstage, Dario is talking to someone and letting them know that what’s going on in the temple is spreading, and then adds that “she” came looking for him. She calls herself “Black Lotus”… and this means I can now stop calling her Angela Fong! He says that he knows she was a little girl back then, but you should see her now.

Holy backstory.

Dario adds that he’s not a fool , and he has to protect the temple from Matanza.

Jesus Christ, Black Lotus just popped up and became the most intriguing thing I’ve ever seen. I love it!

Backstage, Fenix is shown doing a little kickboxing when out of nowhere, he’s approached by Catrina! She taps him on the neck and pops up in front of him like a goddess sent from the heavens.

“Why do you have this on your chest? Does it protect you from having nightmares?

I didn’t think so.

So tell me… what could possibly scare a man that cannot die?

I have a message for you… but it’s not from Mil Muertes… it’s from me.”


“Keep this… between us… because if he was to find out, he would bury both of us alive.”

Dead and gone. Gah, Catrina how are you so perfect in every role?

Thoughts: I really loved this! I do think it’s a bit strange we’ve gone two weeks without Sexy Star, but I’m VERY much enjoying seeing the other women get to step up and delve more into potential feuds and stories.

Upon first viewing of potential Catrina/Muertes tension, I was really upset because I didn’t feel like we’d spent enough time with them yet for a possible split to happen. The scenes though… those scenes. Seeing them really turned my mind around. Catrina is just SO good. She can make me a believer of anything, and the backstage segment with her approaching Fenix was so powerful and so good that I’m totally on board and it’s only been one week. I just loved how she added the line at the end about not telling Mil what she’s up to because he would bury both of them alive. It was little kicker at the end that added so much to the scene while being the perfect way to wrap it up. Hopefully in the coming weeks, we get a bunch more segments with the pair together as I loved the chemistry and secretive tension between them.

Ivelisse was on fire! I love when she gets to cut promos, and I LOVE how Lucha Underground has done a role switch in terms of how most promotions treat a relationship. Normally, (unless it’s a comedy relationship with a stronger woman and smaller man) you’d see the guy take control and scream out that if you have a problem with his girl, you got a problem with him… before challenging someone to a match. But in this duo, it’s Ivelisse who calls the shots. She challenges men for Son of Havoc and she trash talks anyone in sight. I think that’s such forward thinking and something I want to see more of.

Black Lotus is everything I ever needed in my life. Dear god, between last week’s segment and Dario’s backstage speech this week I feel like she has the best, most intriguing thing going in wrestling. I have no absolute idea where this is going or who it involves or what the hell is going on and I absolutely love everything about it. I don’t even have a doubt in my mind that it won’t be worth the wait to find out because Lucha Underground always knows how to pick me up when I’m down.

All & all, the two week recap gave me such a needed boost. I want a women’s division badly, but as long as they’re working on it, I don’t mind the wait. Oh, and that list of five potential candidates I had mentioned last time about posting? Well reports have been out about two of them not being able to join so I pretty much scrapped it, but if you want the other three I want Lucha Underground to sign, it’s none other than Taya Valkyrie, La Rosa Negra & Jennifer Blake. They could be such fun, amazing additions to this and (in terms of Taya and Jennifer), their connection to AAA gives me a lot of hope that it can happen soon.

That’s it for now! If we have a match next week, I’ll be back to dish some recapping. If not, though, I’ll see if it feels like enough to fill a week or if the goodness could come by combining.

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